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  1. Fatality Rate Study - SUV's

    Saw this and was somewhat surprised to see the CRV on here given all the safety equipment they seem to have. Noticeably absent from the list is the RAV4. Not a great deal of info to go on. SUVs Most Frequently Involved in Fatal Accidents iSeeCars examined the data to determine the SUVs that...
  2. Honda CR-V Enters the 2006 Model Year as the Entry SUV Leader [9.21.05]

    Torrance, Calif. 09/21/2005 -- The award-winning Honda CR-V returns for the 2006 model year retaining its leadership position amongst all other entry level SUVs with its features, safety and total overall package. The Honda CR-V underwent a substantial re-design in 2005 with new exterior and...