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  1. 2002 horn switch? horn, fuse, relay all ok.

    Problems & Issues
    Horn blows fine when panic switch on remote activated. Fuse & horn relay both are good (switched them with others like them) so it's got to be horn switch (or pads, or contacts, or whatever) doesn't it? How do I get to it to inspect it or change it out? There is an airbag there, so it may...
  2. back-up light switch connector

    Problems & Issues
    I'm trying to find the location of this on my transaxle but it is located in a different position than the one in the Haynes manual. Does any one know where it would be on a 2001 Honda crv?
  3. What happens with TPMS if I switch to steel rims and winter tires?

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Wasn't an issue on my '04, but just bought an '08 EX-L and it has TPMS. Presumably if I just go with simple steel wheels and winter tires, the TPMS isn't going to find the signals. Is this bad? What will happen? Please excuse if this has been posted before. Chris
  4. Recall: 06 Driver's Side Window Switch

    Recalls, TSB's & Notices
    According to tsb 11-057, some of us with the 2006 will be receiving a recall notice. Seems the switch can catch fire. "An iN message will be sent out this weekend for warranty info and repair procedure". I'm also included in the tranny software update recall for my 2010 Accord. Guess I'll just...
  5. Second gen master window switch

    Maintenance and Service
    So I have an '03 with a blown master window switch (copper missing from pcb) so I was going to go junkyarding for parts. Anywho the local junkyard has a 98 which is a 1st gen and mine is a 2nd gen. Are the switches the same or did they change with the generation changeover as well?
  6. master window switch

    Problems & Issues
    After the driver window stopped working last week, the mechanic working on it installed a new motor, that didn't work so he returned the motor and got a motor with the after putting that in the window still doesn't work. Now he is saying the switch is bad and the honda dealership...
  7. How To: 3rd Gen CR-V 3rd Gear Pressure Switch Replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    About 3 months ago my wife and I bought a used 2007 Honda CR-V LX 4 wheel drive. Last week on my way to work, I noticed that the green D on the transmission gear indicator was blinking but that the MIL (check engine light) was not illuminated. The owners manual states that this indicates a...
  8. Drivers side door lock switch disabled

    Problems & Issues
    Hello - first post here, so please be patient. My 2003 CR-V drivers side door switch will not work, hasn't for some time, just been dealing w/it. I dont think it's the actuator as the after-market key fob works on the door locks just fine, also when I put it in Drive the locks lock and when I...
  9. Place to install switch - 2011 CRV

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had to install a switch in a newer CRV? Most car's I've owned have dummy panels where I could install a switch but the closest thing to that I've found is the small panel to the right of the steering wheel that looks like a vent. Can you take that off easily and...
  10. Inertia Switch

    Problems & Issues
    I know the answer to this question is probably somewhere on this forum, but I can't seem to find it. Can someone please tell me specifically where the inertia switch is located on a 1999 CR-V? Thanks, Terry
  11. wiper fluid switch problem?

    Problems & Issues
    The honda dealer said to replace the spray motor. I did and it still doesnt work so my old spray motor was fine. I cant measure resistance with the multimeter because when I push the lever to spray nothing happens. Its an electrical problem. Should I replace the windshield wiper lever? thanks...
  12. Drivers side window doesn't work and the switch just makes a clicking noise.

    Problems & Issues
    The drivers side window quit working on my girlfriends CRV. She said it started going slow and then quit all together which made me think it was the window motor but I thought I'd check it out for myself. The other windows work perfect but when I push the drivers side up or down I hear an...
  13. Headlight Switch Melted connector Smoke!

    Problems & Issues
    While driving at night, both headlights went out and I pulled over as to not cause an accident and there was a smell of burning electrical wiring. I turned off the light switch and the smell went away. Upon having a local mechanic look, he found the connector from the wiring harness that plugs...
  14. 2006 Trans Pressure Switch

    Maintenance and Service
    The D drive light on the dash is flashing on my 2006 CRV SE. I'm going to have diognostics ran on the car today. I've read that it is likely a failed pressure switch. I'm also told that the pressure switch is an electronic switch that is not inside the trans. I would like to replace the switch...
  15. Backup up light switch in 2003 CRV

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Can anyone tell me where the backup light switch located in 2003 CRV is? I have to install a backup sensor and the display console should be connected with the backup light so that it will turn on only when I am backing up the car. The display module receives signal wirelessly from the...
  16. Master window/lock switch problems

    Problems & Issues
    Greetings! Hope someone here can help! I have an '03 that fried the master window/lock switch. I found a replacement switch okay, but I also need the main plug (and about six inches of pigtail) from the door wiring harness, as it was "fried" too. Anybody have one, or know where I can find one...
  17. 07 CRV Cruise Control Switch

    Problems & Issues
    This week the cruise control switch on my 07 CRV EX stopped working. When I press the Cruise button on the steering wheel the Cruise light on the dash comes on but as soon as I release the Cruise button the light goes off and I cannot set the cruise control. I'm pretty sure it is the Cruise...
  18. 07 Window Switch problem

    Problems & Issues
    Have an 07 4WD LX, the passenger side window will not go down using either the passenger or drivers side switch. My mechanic found a TSB for it that says the switch is bad causing a fuse to blow, fix is replace switch and fuse (checked fuse and it is blown). I need instructions or a diagram of...
  19. Rear door ajar light stays on

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello All, I have a 2004 CRV with 97k that is new to me but with a few minor problems. The rear door ajar light stays on. This car has been in my family since new and this problem has been with the car for about 40k miles. The actual switch seems to move well and looks unlikely to be the...
  20. gen 2 switch illumination problem

    Problems & Issues
    none of the switches on the dashboard, either side of the steering wheel, are illuminated with lights on. Can the bulbs in them be replaced at all ?? switches are heated seats, headlight adjust, sunroof..