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  1. Sync Garage Door Opener

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I am having difficulties synching my remote garage door opener to the remote option in the car. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance !
  2. Disable auto Sync from my phone?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi there, new to this forum. 1st post! Bought my wife a 2015 CR-V earlier this summer and have really enjoyed it so far (well she has mostly). I happened to be driving it recently on a short trip and had the need to charge my phone (galaxy s5). When I plugged in to the USB, it started to...
  3. Cold air on driver side vents, hot air passenger side vents while temperature is sync

    Problems & Issues
    my 2012 crv blows cold air out of driver side air vents and hot air out of passenger side air vents even though temperature is synced on both sides on high temp setting. Flushed out heater core with hose, not much debris came out. Anyone know how to check blend door actuator and how to locate it?
  4. Passenger airbag OFF light logic is out of sync with most (all?) other cars

    Dear Honda:
    I've probably owned ten vehicles with front airbags and all of them were consistent in that when no one was sitting in the passenger seat the passenger airbag warning light would illuminate and would display "OFF". OFF would also be displayed if a small child was sitting in the seat. That all...
  5. 2013 Bluetooth auto syncs to my wife's phone when I'm driving (default pairing)

    Mobile Electronics
    My bluetooth hands-free system always syncs to my wife's phone first when we both get into the car. Being that I do most of the driving, I would like to change this default to sync to my phone first. I have tried "forgetting" the hands-free on both phones and adding mine back first, however...
  6. Sync problem

    Problems & Issues
    Hi i am new in on this forum and from sweden so bear with me. I had my cr-v checked to day because the ugly little yellow engine symbol has lit upp ones again. The error code translated to english is sync problem. And it has something to do with crankshaft sensor and the camshaft sensors. I have...