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  1. First gen 1st gear synchro

    Problems & Issues
    I'm trying to decide if i should have my first gear synchro replaced while doing a clutch. Do I replace the tranny w one from a recycling center? Do I just deal with not having a synchro as I have been doing? Will it get so I can't use first at all? If I take my transmission to a repair shop to...
  2. Difficulty shifting into 1st gear - Gen 2

    Problems & Issues
    I've had my used '04 CR-V for 18 months. I got it at 56k and now has 102k miles. It's an EX 5 spd MT. Since I've had the car (and the problem has gotten a little worse since I've owned it), when I go to shift into 1st gear as I coast to a stop, it is difficult to put it into gear. If I'm at a...