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  1. Plasti dip smoked tail lights

    Hey guys this is my first post. Just finished plasti dipping my tail lights using their smoke product and have also used the white plasti dip on my rear tail gate which use to be black because I have an LX. I have also added 6000k bi xenon HIDs,chrome door handles, roof rack, step bars, and...
  2. Can 03 crv tail lights be upgraded with 05-06?

    Hey guys I have a 03 crv can the rear lights be replaced with 05-06 brake lights? As I like the look of the newer ones thanks for any help
  3. Adding LED's to Upper section of Gen 3 Tail Lights

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    After posting the above post in Exteriors I've been asked to describe the procedure for this DIY job. After removing the tail light assembly as described in the owners manual, see picture, I took a step bit and drilled a 3/4 inch hole at the base of the top section of the tail light. This is the...
  4. Adding extra lighting to Gen 3 tail lights????

    Hi Folks, Haven't been here for awhile, to busy riding Goldwing. Anyways had to replace burnt out tail light bulb in our '08 CR-V the other day and got to thinking, there sure looks like a lot of room to add an extra light in the upper part of the tail light assembly and I think it would give...
  5. 2001 dash and tail lights don't work until car warms up

    Problems & Issues
    Dash lights and tail lights do not work until car warms up. E-Brake lamp is lit at start, but turns off at warm up.
  6. 2010 CRV lx 4wd - rust on rear tail gate

    Central Canada Owners
    Hey Groupie, Do any of you have any rust issues on the rear tail gate on the inside lip of the bottom? (where the caulking welding is). I've contacted the dealer, and they are sitting on it. I still have warranty. Also, i've found alot of surface rust on the rear lift door as well. My car...
  7. 07 CRV tail light sockets

    Maintenance and Service
    Does anyone have the part number for the tail light sockets? It's for the american crv (european sockets are different) Any online parts links? Or any keywords to search it? I don't know the specific term for this connectors. Thanks
  8. WTB: 1st Gen CR-V 96'-01' Clear Tail Lights.

    Trading Post
    As Title States. Text Reply or PM me a Price. Call/Text 402-201-7009 Names Brickner Looking for the All Clear Tail Lights for the 96'-01' Honda CR-V. Minor Cracks will be Fine but No Holes or Broke Pieces. Picture below.
  9. LED Tail lights for 2001 SE?

    Does anyone have advice if this can be done? Also, where could I get OEM driver side floormats?
  10. Help . . . No Tail Lights

    Problems & Issues
    2007 CRV . Headlights work fine just no tail lights at all apart from signal lights and brake lights which do work. Need to pick up something in my utility trailer that will require me to get home after dark. Of course because there are no tail lights on the car there are none on the trailer...
  11. New Tire Cover and Tail Lights

    I have started modifying my V. I've bought a hard spare tire cover and aftermarket tail lights.
  12. Blacked tail lights

    Somes buds and I are using my first gen as a project car. First off we want to black out the tail lights... Yes or No? windows came tinted.
  13. Rust on 2010 CRV's tail door

    Problems & Issues
    I bought a brand new Honda CRV 2010 (Feb 2010). Just completed little more than a year and I see small chipped paint and rust build up in the tail door [in quite a few places]. To give you perspective the car is least driven hardly 7000 miles [but, used for 3 to 4 miles on weekdays], always...
  14. Halo headlights and led tail lights

    Hello everyone! Just joined the CR-V club this past Monday with a 2011 black EX-L and so far I LOVE it! But, coming over from owning a jeep wrangler I am used to tinkering with my toys. I really like the halo headlights, and wondered if anyone had seen any for the 2011 yet? Then of course I...
  15. First-Gen Clear Tail Lights

    I have barely seen red/clear aftermarket tail lights for 1997-2000s such as eBay's pricy ones. Are they for sale anywhere anymore?
  16. Filthy tail gate bothers me

    Does anyone else have a problem with the filthy tailgate? It is horrible, seems like the back end collects twice as much dirt and road grime as the sides of the car. I am cleaning it daily! Any ideas on how to keep it clean? I have the EX-L model in white, so, it has the splash guards for...
  17. Tail light issue

    Problems & Issues
    While driving last night i was told that my tail light were out i stopped at a autozone for a fuse (7.5a) license light and tail light well it seemed to work at the time of testing it at the store but upon arriving at my house i found that my tail lights were blown once again is there a relay...
  18. Headlight tail light swap

    Will the 05/06 headlights and tails lights swap out onto a 02-04 gen? I just like them better. Thanks
  19. 1998 CR-V Tail Gate Handle Sticks

    Problems & Issues
    From time to time the handle on my tail gate sticks. I go to close the door and it won't close. I have to slam it hard and then it will close. I squirt some WD-40 on the handle, it seems rusted, and it works then for quite awhile. I was wondering is there a permanent fix or can I replace the...
  20. Tinted Tail Lights, Version 2.0

    After paying yet another $56 ticket for tinted tail lights, I decided to lighten them up a bit. Before: Now: We'll see how these go over with ATL's finest. Because everyone is going to ask, all that was done was: 1) Sand the tint/clearcoat off with 800 grit. 2) Respray