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  1. Faulty TDC Sensor or Something More Serious?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys, I drive a 1999 CR-V, and it's been an awesome little car for years. It has a strange set of issues now that I can't seem to diagnose. I drive about 25 miles each way to work, and it does ok on the way there in the morning. In the afternoon, I make it about 18 miles before it starts...
  2. 1999 Honda CRV : Check engine light = TDC sensor

    Maintenance and Service
    Car: 1999 Honda CRV, Automatic tranny, 201,000 miles. I am in need of some help to determine why I might be getting this code. Is there a TDC Sensor? If so where is it located? Thank you
  3. Finding compression TDC of #1

    Problems & Issues
    I'm replacing the distributor on my daughter's 1999 CR-V. I have to be able to bring the #1 piston to compression stroke TDC. What's the easiest way to do this? I see in the service manual you can tell by looking at TDC marks on the camshaft pulleys, but I'd rather not pull the cylinder head...
  4. TDC Sensor Problem

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, A warning light on my 98 CRV dashboard came on the other day. I was told by autozone that I had a TDC Sensor error. The car drives a little sluggish but other than that I have had no problems. My question is, what is the cheapest way to fix this problem. Thanks!
  5. Code P1362 TDC Sensor

    Problems & Issues
    This was code dealer told me related to Check Engine light staying on. What is this? Do I have to replace the distributor? Thanks Dave