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  1. Honda New Ten Speed Transmission

    Maintenance and Service
    Honda World News announces global production of a new, state-of-the-art 10-speed automatic transmission at Honda Precision Parts of Georgia, U.S.A. First application is the 2018 Honda Odyssey. Will our beloved CR-V be next...
  2. My Ten Day Old 2016 Touring AWD

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    Taking a spin in the Sonoran Desert.
  3. Battery goes dead in ten mins. when lights are left on

    Problems & Issues
    When I accidentally leave the headlights on, on my 2004 CR-V, for as little as ten minutes, the battery goes dead, and I need a jump start to get it going again. Twice I’ve had the battery tested, and both times I’ve been told it should be working fine. I live in VT and even on the coldest...
  4. Neglected ten year old CRV passes muster.

    Hi, Just thought I'd post this pic of what a few, (OK a lot!) of hours can do for a very tired, unloved V. We bought this to replace our 16 year old Saab 900S and knew that it was going to take some time to get right. The previous owner lived on an unpaved road (mistake one) and I had to fill...
  5. CR-V, Odyssey, Pilot, Civic & Accord Named To Forbes' Ten Toughest Cars List [3.24.8]

    Media News & Reviews
    CR-V, Odyssey, Pilot, Civic & Accord Named To Forbes' Ten Toughest Cars List [3.24.8] By Jacqueline Mitchell Click here to read the entire story from Click here to view the list Ten Toughest Cars On The Road
  6. Honda is one of three Top Ten Most Researched Vehicles in October [11.1.2007]

    Media News & Reviews
    Honda had three vehicles in the Top Ten for the Most Researched Vehicles on in October of 2007. Along with the CR-V, Honda also had the Accord and the Civic in the Top Ten. Click here to view their official list.
  7. Top Ten Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs for 2006

    Media News & Reviews
    Take note of 2nd and 3rd place. Death and taxes. Most everyone understands that neither can be avoided, though cryogenically-frozen and Form 1040-averse individuals keep trying to disprove the only givens in life. Time will tell if such efforts will be worthwhile, but in the meantime there’s a...