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  1. Any long term experience with using the OEM rear seat cover?

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    We have some very messy kids/toddlers and were looking in to getting the OEM rear seat cover. (I don't have enough posts to include a link but it is the neoprene one that you can get from Honda - College Hills looks to have the best price) We just got a 2017 CRV but I thought I would ask the...
  2. Spiking Short and long term fuel trim & P0171 - No CEL

    Problems & Issues
    Hello Folks, New member to the group. Previous lurker. 2006 CRV with 275k miles.. BEST vehicle I ever owned.. Amazing reliability. I recently purchased a Bluedriver OBDII tool just to get some experience for when I get a CEL. In running the smog test, I see a code P0171.. But no CEL, and engine...
  3. Long term storage CRV

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2008-2012) CR-V
    Plan on storing my 08 CRV FOR 4 months. Appreciate any tips regarding battery and other systems shut down as well as tips regarding startup. Thanks
  4. Large Negative Short Term Fuel Trim at Idle

    Maintenance and Service
    I recently purchased a new OBDII reader from Harbor Freight with live data capability. My 2wd 2000 Honda CRV with automatic is showing rather large negative adjustments to the short term fuel trim (STFT) at idle. Also the the long term fuel trim (LTFT) will also decrease at idle to below...
  5. Can high octane damage the engine in the long term

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    Can high-octane fuel damage the engine in the long term Hi all, The owner’s manual of my 2013 CR-V recommends “octane of 95 or higher”. Since I have the car (2K miles) I’ve been running it on 95 only. Now I’m considering switching to a higher-end blend, which apart from the cleaning additives...
  6. short term fuel trim and lnog term fuel trim

    Problems & Issues
    as the vehicle was warming up both trims were positive, at operating temp started to drive around, after around 20 min my stft was -5.8 and my positive was +2.3, my o2 b1 s1 was at 1.0v constant and my 02 b1 s2 was at a constant .5 (occasionally going to .6 or .7) can any one chime in on these...
  7. Short term vibration 2007 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys. I have a 2007 CRV, 80k, which we love. For about the past month my wife has been complaining about a frontend vibration. I started driving the car and now I understand what she's feeling. While driving, the front end of the car will vibration like heck for about 3 seconds then stop...
  8. 99 CRV short term feedback

    Dear Honda:
    I just purchased a 99 CRV about a month ago. I am the second owner. Pro's so far: Roomy for vehicle of its size. A/C doesn't seem to put much of a pinch on the engine. AWD works well Turns at speed quite wonderfully for a car with its wheel-base and center of gravity Con's so far: Ride...