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  1. Is this excessive battery corrosion (Photos)

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I just passed the 30,000 mile mark on my '17 CR-V EX-L and while looking over the engine compartment I noticed that the positive battery terminal had a lot of corrosion around it. Would you considered this to be an excessive amount of corrosion? Should I ask my dealer to clean up the...
  2. transmission solenoid terminal araingement 2001 crv

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I am trying to repair the transmission P0758 on my 2001 cr-v. I am nearly finished with a much needed drain and fill of the aft, but cannot get the code to reset. I have tested the coils both resistance checks and snapping them on with 12 v and the b solenoid works fine, I replaced it...
  3. Battery Terminal incorrectly Connected

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, Feels like a biggest fool in the world right now. I tried to replace my dead battery with a new one in a hurry in the dark so that my wife could take it to work. But messed up big time. Incorrectly connected the Battery terminal. CRV made some noise, so corrected my mistake, to see that my...
  4. 2007 Battery Terminal Size Issue

    Problems & Issues
    A friend recently bought a 07 CRV and was having occasional low battery issues (slow cranking). They took it in and determined the battery terminal were loose, and they were tightened. Still had occasional slow cranking/dead battery issues, so I thought I would help by replacing the battery...