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  1. Struts, tie rod ends, sway bar links/bushings, ball joints at same time?

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    My 2007 CRV AWD is riding a little rough these days with 150k miles. Ride is bouncy, chirps some on turns, clunk when turning wheel all the way to left. I was thinking of doing all the stuff in the thread title at the same time, then get an alignment at the shop. Any reason not to do all this...
  2. How tight the outer tie rods?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    2006 Honda CRV with 175000 on the OEM suspension. I replaced the front and rear shocks/struts and outer tie rods, but think I messed up on the tie rods. How tightly do you cinch down the outer tie rod? Most suspension parts you want to be in there tight, but I'm pretty sure I over-did it. As...
  3. Second gen inner tie rod removal

    Problems & Issues
    Hi there, I am having a tough time removing my old inner tie rods on a '02. As you may already know, tie rod tools don't fit this gen's. I've read a couple posts about going under/over the hood with a crow foot ratchet. I've got a 30mm crow foot on a breaker bar with good purchase on the rod's...
  4. Tie Rod Ends (Outer vs Front Outer?)

    Problems & Issues
    I'm looking at the tie rod ends at rock auto for a 2005 cr-v. I'm seeing outer and front outer. What's the difference? While we're at, does anyone have any recommendations about which of those brands to go with or avoid? Thanks.
  5. Crv steering noise tie rod? Rack?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all hello this is my first post so go easy :) 2010 crv I-dtec 2.2 When I turn the wheel with engine off I can hear a click / slight clunk from front end. Getting under the car I can confirm the rack is solid (ruling out the rack bushings I guess) Grabbing the wheel and applying some load...
  6. '99 CRV flicking sound; like a tie wrap hitting plastic fan

    Problems & Issues
    1999 CRV: 170,000 miles When it's cold outside, and accelerating, until the engine warms up, it sounds like a piece of weed eater line is hitting a plastic fan. The sound happens when accelerating - I actually crawled to look under car to see if a fishing line or something was caught under the...
  7. Inner Tie Rod BOOT leaking

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Guy, I have on drivers side only an inner tie rod boot leaking. I am wondering what I need to replace, I don't have a Mechanic I trust. I am also looking for a good Mechanic in my area. Montgomery County, PA. Thank You
  8. How do you secure (tie down) the 'hatch' in 2013 CRV?

    Problems & Issues
    Bought two 8' kayaks. They fit in the car with the seats down diagonally but stick out the back about 1 1/2 feet. I tried to tie down the trunk ?hatch??? don't know what you call it - but there aren't any holes or hooks to put a rope through. What do I do? Any suggestions? Don't want the...
  9. Inner Tie Rod remove

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    Just wondering if anyone out there knows what size "inner tie rod tool" to use for a 1996-2001 Honda CRV ? Wanna purchase the tool to remove the inner rod but don't know the exact size to use. Some kits are more complete than others with multiple size ends. I wanna make sure I have the correct...
  10. 2 Gen CRV Inner Tie Rod Tool...problem locating tool to fit replacement

    Problems & Issues
    I can't seem to find a inner tie rod tool to remove my inner tie rod on my 2002 CRV. Autozone, Advance loan a tool was too short (and too narrow) to accommodate the long shaft of the inner tie rod. Harbor freight has one that may work (looks long enough), but for $49.00, I will rarely use...
  11. Vibration at speed and clunking noises + tie rod questions.

    Problems & Issues
    Hey y'all, I'm a little unfamiliar with steering componentry. My friend's got a 2000 2wd CRV (~100k) that starts to vibrate at around 68mph and clunks when going over bumps. She recently replaced her tires and had an alignment done, but the problem persists. I checked the bearings for play but...
  12. Inner Tie Rod Replacement Instructions

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Hello, I have an 08 CRV-LX AWD with approx 155K. Firestone couldn't bring my front right tire alignment into spec. They said the inner tie rod was bad. I do not have a shop manual for the V and would like to know the steps involved in replacing the inner tie rod. Can some one provide a how to...
  13. How to Replace Outer Tie Rod

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    First of all, Sorry If this topic had been already discussed or written up. I've already did a "Search" on this website and wasn't able to find what i need so please mind yourself from flaming me for I am a new owner of the CR-V. I'm looking for a DIY HOW TO: Replace a outer tie rod and rear...
  14. Anyone have to replace the tie rod(s) yet on an '06?

    Maintenance and Service
    My wife had her '06 in recently and the Honda dealer tech suggested she do the tie rod soon. It wasn't a safety issue, it could just affect the wear on the tires. I need to bring it in for the 90,000 mile service so I asked about it. For whatever reason they didn't have anything in our records...
  15. Is my tie rod end leaking?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Folks, Have a 06 CRV SE and notice one of my outer tie rod ends has some grease on it. Is this normal or not? Thanks.
  16. '97 awd....complete steering rack needs replaced? leaking; and bad tie rod

    Problems & Issues
    Hi CR-V'rs...posted up an intro and gonna dive right into the 'help me' part! '97 awd aut tranny. 126,000 miles on it. I just got this back from my teenage stepson who had it for a year and took it to college. 'Used and abused' doesn't begin to describe his treatment of the car; he completely...
  17. inner tie rod ends

    Problems & Issues
    My 98 crv inner tie rod end boots on both sides are completely torn and hanging there and look quite old. What are the symptoms I should be having. Right now my car goes left and sometimes right on the higway. There is a slight wobble/vibration during driving especially at highway speeds and...
  18. 2001 inner tie rod

    Problems & Issues
    I am in the middle of changing the inner tie rod on on my 2001 honda crv. It's on the passenger. I have taken the outer tie rod end off but the boot has a quarter inch hose coming out of the back side of the boot. I am not sure what this is? How do I change the inner tie rod and what is the...
  19. Gen 2 outer tie rod ends

    Maintenance and Service
    So i'm replacing the struts on my GF's CRV and noticed the tie rods are completely rotten and full of sludge. 2002 with 165,000 miles and the entire suspension system looks completely OEM and never replaced. I want to replace the tie rod ends but they are rusted nasty onto the inner tie rod...
  20. Tie rod end issue.

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello everyone, excellent forum. I have a problem with my 97 CRV, I've owned it since brand new and has 250,000km on it (~160k miles). I had the tie rod ends and arms replaced a couple years ago by my local mechanic (part #'s 53010-s10-003 x2, 53540-s04-013 and 53560-s04-013) It's been about...