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  1. 2004 CRV EX from TORONTO!

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hey Guys, I am new here! 2004 CRV EX
  2. LEDs & HID in GTA. Greater Toronto Area.

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    If anyone needs LED & HID for their vehicle. I recommend this place. I have been getting my stuff there for years. He has good products. Reliable & good pricing. Highly recommended. Look for Dave.
  3. Rustproofing

    Maintenance and Service
    Looking to you guys for some help here, my new 2009 white CRV is a likely candidate to rust if it isn't prepared for the winter. I've heard mixed reviews in regards to Krown rustproofing, particularly that it tends to warp the rubber seals on cars. Would you guys have any reviews on places...
  4. Looking for a Trail to Drive out of Greater Toronto region

    Off The Beaten Path
    I live in Durham, Ontario just out of greater Toronto area. Have a 2009 CRV EX-L and looking for a trail to put the 4wd to a test (got the car recently). I don't mind driving 2-3 hours to get to a good trail that doesn't finish before starting and something my car can handle. If anyone knows of...
  5. Roof Rack 2000 CR-V Toronto

    Racks, Hitches, & Towing
    Anyone know where to find a used roof rack for a 2000 CR-V? Also, I just joined this forum, and is it just me, or are there no forums specific to each generation vehicle?
  6. Best Dealer for pricing in the Toronto area?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    My wife and I are shopping around, we might end up buying a new CR-V EX (it is high on our list), can anyone recommend a Dealer in the Toronto area that is know for the best pricing. The Dealer in Whitby advised that an EX starts at 27,940 Canadian (the usual 28,940 minus a current 1,000...
  7. Hello from the Toronto area

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hello to all from the GTA (Pickering), my wife needs a new vehicle and we are interested in a new CR-V, I know little about a CR-V but am hoping to find out more about purchasing one (in the Toronto area), and ongoing CR-V stuff in general. Regards to all.
  8. Leather wheel wrapping in Toronto Ontario

    Can anyone suggest a good shop in Toronto canada to get a really nice job done of a leather wrap on my 2012 ex? I know there are generic DIY products you can buy, but I'd like it done really nicely.
  9. New member from the T-Dot (toronto)

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hey folks, just wanted to give a shout out to all and introduce myself. Love the forum. I'm hoping to learn alot about my ride and hopefully get some troubleshooting tips from everyone on here.:cool:
  10. Hello from Toronto

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi everyone! My name is Dan, I live in the Toronto (Ontario, Canada) area, and I am the proud owner of a 2001 Honda CRV. It's manual 5 speed, it's black, and I love it. I'm the third owner, just purchased it last week. In terms of what I do with vehicles that I own; I modify them...
  11. 2001 clutch slipping - Toronto

    Performance Modifications
    Hey guys, my '01 with about 245k on it is starting to slip. notice it in 1st gear and a little in 2nd. Guessing it's time to do the clutch. anyone know of a cheap place around Brampton/Concord/Aurora in Ontario? Ball park on what to spend? Thanks!!
  12. New to the forum from Toronto.

    Eastern & Central Canada Owners
    Hi guys, I am new to the forum. Not sure how many people here is from Toronto. I am driving a 2008 White CRV EXL. Its pretty much stock right now, except one of those aftermarket fog lights. Hopefully I'll learn more from you guys in the future.
  13. Help Finding A CR-V Shop In Toronto

    Eastern & Central Canada Owners
    I plan to purchase a 2006 CR-V this week and have three to look at in the Toronto. Can any one recomend a shop that I can pay to inspect the vehicle before I buy it? Thanks
  14. Greetings from Toronto

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi Everyone, My name is Mike and I'm from Toronto Canada. Just pulled the trigger on a 2010 EX-L with Navi. The Navi option is actually for the backup camera, which my wife insisted on getting. Anyway, looking forward to meeting like minded CRV owners. Mike
  15. WTB: Gen 1 parts (TORONTO)

    Trading Post
    Hello Everyone, I am looking for some parts for my gen 1 crv. I am located in Markham, ON But can pickup anywhere in the GTA. If you have any of these items please let me know. - oem spare tire cover. - oem auto shift knob - oem hood (perfer silver or black nut let me know what you have) -...
  16. Bra for a 1997... preferable in Toronto area

    Does anyone have a bra they would like to sell. I need one for a 97. PM me with $
  17. Toronto Driving

    Eastern & Central Canada Owners
    Hi everyone, I've been car shopping all week and I think I've narrowed it down to Honda CR-V and Nissan Rogue. One of the questions I have though, is concerning Toronto driving. I live north of the city, but frequently come down for work. a) How has your gas mileage been? b) How has your...
  18. FS: BLACK Tailgate Spoiler (Toronto Area)

    Trading Post
    FS: 2007/8/9 CRV Tailgate Spoiler (Black) OEM Honda CRV tailgate spoiler (brand new in box). Colour: Black. Comes with all mounting hardware and installation instructions. Asking price is $220 Canadian. Would prefer local sale but I am willing to ship.
  19. Hello from Toronto~! NEW CRV!

    Greetings & Introductions
    Just took delivery of a Black on Black 09 CRV EX-L about 2 weeks ago. I was a little busy but have finally gotten the time join the community. So Hello to Everyone! The vehicle is our family vehicle. We upgraded from a 99 Chev Cavalier (Red) and it was quite an upgrade. Price: We paid $36060...
  20. suspension parts for 97crv in toronto

    Eastern & Central Canada Owners
    guys am looing for kyb suspension kits for my 97crv any sites or stores recommended?