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  1. Weight Rear Tow Hook

    2002-2004 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 2)
    Hello community, Question about how much weight the tow hook under the rear bumper can hold? I was thinking of using it to pull another vehicle that doesn't move to another area of my parking area. The vehicle trying to move is a 96 geo metro electric car conversion. It has Lead Acid Batteries...
  2. Actual towing capacity - 2014 CR-V 2WD EX

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    The owners manual states the towing capacity is 1,500 lbs. Is this the real capacity? If not, what is it? I'm considering towing a small camper trailer. Thanks
  3. Up grade turn/stop lights for towing 2013 C-RV

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    When towing our CR-V behind our MH and trying to change lanes, I find traffic is sometimes less then courteous. I wanted to make sure that others could see my turn signals and stop lights. Before preceding, let me note that when towing, I use the old 3 wire stop/turn/tail light system on the...
  4. Towing

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Has anyone towed a trailer heavier than the 1500lb limit. I wasn't sure if stabilizer bars and brakes made a difference. Any comments would be welcome
  5. Towing with 2008 CR-V EX-L

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    Hey all! I looked through a bunch of threads on this forum and am still in question of my vehicle's capabilities to tow. In May I am moving from Michigan to Boulder Colorado. I am taking my bedroom with me, and that is about it. So king-sized bed, two IKEA floor storage units (25 lbs each)...
  6. Towing Package

    Ask the Dealer
    How much does a towing package cost? I was told I only needed a "Ball" to tow our camper, but now I find that not to be true. Just purchased by CRV last Thursday.
  7. Towing with 2010 Honda CRV

    2007-2011 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 3)
    I am the happy owner of the automatic 2010 CRV which has a towing capacity of 1500 Kg and looking at towing approx 1100 Kg for about 10,000 kilometres. Car is regularly serviced and done just under 140,000 Klm. The question is not on the condition of the car but whether any one, with a similar...
  8. 2017 touring towing capacity with u-haul trailer for cross canada moving

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    Hi all, We are looking at how to move from the west coast (Vancouver, BC) to the east coast (Halifax, NS) We'll have some items to move with us (mainly books, ski/camping gear, a small table..) I was looking to rent a uhaul cargo trailer. either 4x8 or 5x8. I know the towing capacity limit...
  9. crv towing package

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Hi, I'm thinking of getting a 2019 CRV EX-L, also thinking of getting a tow hitch for it. Would it be less expensive to buy and install it somewhere else?
  10. Removing driveshaft on 2006 for towing

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    Didnt want to bump an ancient threads, ive seen a few on here for first gens and one for 2nd gens like mine saying you could remove the driveshaft and drive the vehicle. Just not 100% sure if the shaft is needed to turn an oil pump or clutch pack etc since i dont really know what all that...
  11. Mountain towing with a Crv

    Midwest CR-V Owners
    I have a 2013 CRV and a 1500 lb trailer I would like to tow with it. I live in the Sierra Nevadas with high elevations on the highways of up to 9000 ft. Will the trailer significantly affect my fuel economy and cause my engine to overload and bog down?
  12. Towing a CRV with CVT Transmission behind motor home

    Problems & Issues
    Does anybody know if you can Tow a 2015 CRV with the CVT transmission behind your motor home ?I know with the old transmissions it was not a issue. I saw somebody go by me towing one. A 2015 or 2016 not sure? Anybody doing it?Thanks
  13. Want to tow a teadrop

    Greetings & Introductions
    I joined this forum because I need information on towing a teardrop trailer and hitch specifications for my 2016 CRV. However, I cannot see how to post a new message except this intro one which is set up for me.
  14. Towing 2009 CRV behind a U Haul

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    Any recommendations on how to tow a CRV behind a U haul? Do I need to do anything special since it is All wheel drive?
  15. Heavy duty shocks for towing?

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Hi. I've just bought a 2005 CRV 2ltr petrol, and a little bit later a caravan. A minority point is that I have to take the spare wheel off the back door to hitch up.My question is though, is it possible to get heavy duty shocks to be fitted to the rear of the car? Cheers. Steve. Oh, I'm in...
  16. Trailer Towing?

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    I need to move my son back to college this weekend and I was planning on renting a U-Haul 4 x 8' Cargo Trailer. The empty weight of the trailer is 850 lbs. I'll also be carrying four passengers, with a combined weight of 750 lbs. I'll be using a Curt Class 3 trailer hitch. Most of the items...
  17. Towing oil cooler kit fitted to CRV sensing 2018

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I have had a request for some details of what was fitted by Honda when a towing hitch was fitted. This is the description and part number as fitted. Oil cooling kit, part #06255-5RL-305. This was mandatory when fitting the hitch to my CRV 2018 sensing AWD in New Zealand. We do have a lot of what...
  18. Towing

    1996-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1)
    If I were going to tow a trailer behind my 2000 CRV, what is the maximum weight I could pull?
  19. Towing terms confusion

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    There seems to be some confusion, including on my part, about what various towing capacity terms mean and how they’re calculated. I’ve learned that there are several towing and hauling capacities and limits, and each is calculated differently. Maximum Load Limit is the total weight of the...
  20. Towing?

    1999-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1.5)
    Hi - I'm a new owner of a 1999. Can anyone tell me about towing with this vehicle? There's a hitch, and I'd like to buy a utility trailer, but I don't know what to buy/what the car can handle. I'm a novice when it comes to trailers and towing, so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!