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  1. Handsfree and Tracfone Problems - Suggestions Please

    Mobile Electronics
    We recently acquired a 2013 CR-V w/Navigation and are very pleased with the vehicle. One troublesome part is Handsfree operation with our Tracfone Motorola EX124g ... we can link the phone and initiate a call via the Handsfree link but are unable to connect and talk. Cannot receive a call at...
  2. TracFone Bluetooth

    Mobile Electronics
    I use an LG420G with TracFone as the service provider. When looking over the BlueTooth accessory offered by College Hills Honda for my 2009 CRV - the pne I posted earlier about - the LG420G/TracFone combination is not listed as compatible. The phone is BlueTooth capable. What's been the...
  3. TracFone & HandsFreeLink

    Mobile Electronics
    I use a TracFone cell phone (Motorola w376g) and an looking into the Honda HandsFreeLink accessory for the 2009 CR-V. Here's what Honda stated after I asked them if this phone/carrier was compatible: "..... At this time, we currently work with the major US carriers and do not test with...