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  1. Drive train vibration between 40-55 mph.

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    Hello, just bought 03 crv ex awd. It has a pretty serious vibration between 40 -55 mph. The transmission shifts a little harder around those speeds also. What's the fix for this problem or is there one?
  2. 2002 has train like noise from rear

    Maintenance and Service
    I've looked everywhere but have not been able to find a definite answer. I just noticed that today, with the windows down that there is a noise coming from the rear left and it sounds like a train (or a bad tire). I only hear it while I am moving and the noise becomes faster as I accelerate...
  3. Power Train Disturbing sound or transmission 160k miles 03 crv

    Maintenance and Service
    Hola Equipo. Hello Team. Another advice over here. My 2003 CRV 4WD, is making a very disturbing sound when starting from a static position. If you’re stopped on a red light and suddenly press the gas pedal all the way (always in D position of course) the front power train makes a sound just...
  4. drive train removed

    Problems & Issues
    I had a mechanic remove the drive train that connects the front axle to the rest axle. T he joint broke and $15 was better than$1200. A year later, I just realized I cant shift(at the steering column) lower than drive(d4). What would cause me not to be able to put it in d3, 2 or 1?
  5. 2003 Chattering sound from rear drive train when cornering

    Problems & Issues
    On our 2003 auto CRV with 125k miles on it: since about 3 weeks we've noticed a chattering sound from the rear end when we coast around any sharp corner - it happens regardless of it being left-handed or right-handed. I'd thought this must be wheel bearings (though I guess it would be odd to...
  6. 1999 Drive Train Squealing

    Problems & Issues
    First post here... I've had a 1999 CR-V since April of this year (my first car). We covered most of the bases right after purchasing (dropped in a new radiator, valve job, spark plugs, SeaFoam, ICAV cleaning, new belts, timing belt, brakes, checked the timing, etc...) So far, with the exception...
  7. Water ingestion killed motor, now I have valve train noise

    Problems & Issues
    A couple days ago I went through a large puddle too fast, (not on purpose) and sucked in enough water to kill the motor. After sitting for about a minute I was able to restart the motor, it ran rough for a bit but cleared up and I drove 30 miles to home. The next day when I went to drive it...
  8. Drive train what can it handle?

    Performance Modifications
    Hey guy's, new to this forum, not new to hondas. Going to be looking for a second car and always liked the crv but never liked the power on the hwy and towing. So I have no issues with putting a turbo kit in but I'm worried about the drive train like the axles and I'm not sure how the rear diff...
  9. Front Drive train lagging

    Problems & Issues
    When turning the vehicle the front tires seem to drag at times the same way as if a vehicle is in 4 wheel drive on dry pavement. Is this normal and do any of you experience the same thing? What could this be? Thanks, Glen :)
  10. Did I damage drive train?

    Problems & Issues
    Okay, I did something stupid. I recently towed my 2000 CR-V 900 miles behind a U-Haul Truck. It was on a tow bar where the back wheels of the CR-V were on the ground. No one told me that I should disengage the steering lock, so it was locked the entire way. Now, the car drives fine, but when...