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  1. Brake Travel 98 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Recently noticed my brake pedal goes nearly to the floor before the brakes start to kick in. I had my brakes done a few months back so I know the pads/shoes are good. Took it to a local place and they said the master cylinder was bad. When I picked up the car the guy said he replaced the master...
  2. Pet travel cargo liner for your furry friends at CARiD
    Hey guys, Further to our previous conversation we want to debut cargo liners manufactured by Canine Covers for your 4-legged friends. Because doggies or other pets accidentally on purpose may scratch and puncture the seat upholstery. Don't also forget about their 'aroma' and omnipresent fur...
  3. What to take with you on long distance ?

    Problems & Issues
    I am planning a 6000km+ ride this summer in Europe. What spares etc. should I carry with me ?
  4. Brake Pedal Travel

    Problems & Issues
    Replaced the rear pads,rotors and calipers on my girl's 2004 V. Bled the brakes 3 times with no bubbles INCLUDING the fronts just for good measure. Didn't run the resevoir dry. Getting a lot of pedal travel that was not there prior to doing the brakes. I've read a few posts here about possibly...
  5. Tips for travel with medium sized dog and luggage in a 2011 CR-V

    Greetings & Introductions
    I just got my first CR-V (2011 base model) so I'm a newbie. I've read that some of you dog/CR-V lovers use a liner in the cargo area and/or pet carrier to travel with your dogs. My bride and I would like to know how best to travel with one medium sized dog and bags in our 2011 CR-V. My dog...
  6. Pet Tube (full length of seat travel "crate")

    Cats, Dogs & other Pets
    This looks like a great way to travel with your pet in the back seat, especially if they tend to try to crawl into the front:
  7. Brake pedal travel

    Problems & Issues
    My mother-in-law's Gold 2001 CR-V brake pedal has too much travel; it can be pushed to the floor. My Silver 2000 CR-V brakes engage at the top of the pedal stroke. The rear brakes have been adjusted to the point the hand brake lever bareley makes it to the first click. The brakes have...
  8. V Travel Pics

    Image & Video Gallery
    Though this one's cast its shadow in Manhattan, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Dallas, the Mojave Desert and Elizabeth, New Jersey, I took no pics alas. (Who knew there was gonna be a CRVOC?) 'Til I'm intinerant again, here's the V on its home turf in Los Angeles. Where's your V been...