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  1. Tree rd1 build

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    . I got another boring car and it happens to be a small suv. I lucky up and trades my NA Miata and picked up a 99 rd1 crv, it's fully load, RTAWD. Bone stock high comp b20 with 164k(back in 7/14) on factory trans and motor. I didn't want to slam it so I'm going to lift it..... Plans...
  2. Hi, I'm tree

    Greetings & Introductions
    Just wanted to say hello. After owning my Miata and eating tires and Killing my back I thought it was time for something new and bigger... My old car: My new new... 1999 Honda CR-V rd1 RTAWD Ex I got kinda lucky, it had 160k on the high comp b20 It's real time all wheel drive but auto...
  3. Apple Tree Honda Asheville

    Dear Honda:
    Apple Tree put some cheap Goodyear tires on our CR-V. We have invested in alignments ( "alignment" left out of spec.) and a force balance but the tires are just going bad and they won't make it right OR EVEN TRY! We got a P0842 code with check engine light and the "flashing D". I researched on...
  4. Dashboard Christmas Tree

    Problems & Issues
    2008 EX-L 4x4. Driving back from a two hour trip the check engine light and VSA warning came on. Zero change in driving and braking characteristics. Are the two connected in any way? They came on simultaneously so I assume so, but I've never seen a check engine for a system that runs the...
  5. 2009 CRV LX - dash christmas tree

    Problems & Issues
    Wifey drove the CRV to work today. She was almost to work when the dash started lighting up.... Ebrake, ABS, VSA all lit up. D started flashing as well. She didn't notice any difference in how it was driving, noise or anything. Just acquired it from a Honda dealer in March has...
  6. lights like a christmas tree

    Maintenance and Service
    my dash lights up with engine light srs light and abs light periodically had codes pulled many times and they come up with out any errors and they saw they cant legally clear them witch i dont understand if there not errors ive also tried unhooking the battery any help? or tips?