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trouble codes

  1. 2002 EX AWD check engine light on and codes P1166, P1167 and P0325 come up when I scan

    Problems & Issues
    I know P1166 and P1167 may mean I need to replace the oxygen sensors, correct? How easy are those to replace? And P0325 means I might need to replace the knock sensor (which I wouldn't replace myself). Is it safe to drive with these issues?
  2. Just got 2000 SE

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi, I'm judezy. Just bought my first honda in November. I love it, but now it's giving me some problems. Does anybody have any experience with p0505 and p0420 codes? So far I have replaced IACV and coolant temp sensor. Runs good for a couple of days then CEL pops again sometimes limp mode and...