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  1. Help me help my dealer troubleshoot cold start stumble

    Problems & Issues
    2014 CRV has a 2 or 3 second stumble/rough idle only after sitting for around 5 hours or more. After the few seconds of rough idle it goes into fast idle warmup and purrs as smooth as silk. Subsequent restarts, where it only sits for an hour or so it starts up normally. If it sits for a bit...
  2. display stuck in on adjust clock

    Problems & Issues
    I have a new 2015 CRV (5,000 miles); I think it is an LX but in any case it is the basic model. The display is frozen on the menu screen, highlighting "adjust clock". When I put the car in reverse, the backup camera live view does show but in drive or park the display defaults to adjust...
  3. Troubleshoot Gauge Cluster 2002 CR V

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys, I have a 2002 CR V that was parked for awhile. At the time it was parked everything worked fine. While parked mice got in and made homes, now removed. Now the gauge cluster has issues. The speedo, tach, fuel gauge, temp. gauge, gear indicator and odometer stopped working. The other...
  4. How do i troubleshoot keyless entry?

    Maintenance and Service
    I have a 2000 CRV 2WD AT. Only reciently the keyless entry began to act up. 1. I have two fobs, both with good batteries and both give same results. 2. The two front doors lock only occasionally and never unlock. The two back doors always lock and unlock. Lights come on when the locks work (i.e...