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  1. Post your turtle!

    Cats, Dogs & other Pets
    Creating this thread for all the turtle and aquarium lovers out there. Here is a picture of RES I just adopted :
  2. How's Turtle Wax Express Shine?

    Getting ready to give our new CR-V her first wax. I've had some TW that I use for my guitars...oddly enough, it's Taylor's recommended product to use on all their acoustics. Anyway, just checking here to see if anyone has an opinion on whether TW is a good choice. thanks
  3. Turtle Wax F21 Protectant?

    Hey Everyone, I just purchased an 09 CR-V LX and I'm looking to clean and protect the dash. I've heard not to use Armor All so I found this stuff from Turtle Wax called F21 Protectant. Has anyone used this? The last thing I want to happen is have a $5.00 bottle of protectant ruin my nice dash.
  4. Etching Marks Left on Wheels by Turtle Wax Wheel Cleaner

    Hello, Two weeks ago, I bought four 2008 aluminum steel wheel rims for 2007 CR-V. But, I made the mistake of spraying Turtle Wax Wheel Cleaner on my wheels and left it a little too long. I now have white streaks on all four wheels. Has anyone experienced this before? Any suggestions? Thank...
  5. Turtle Wax Ice

    Has anybody tried the Turtle Wax Ice on your Vs? A co-worker told me that it's really good, but wanted to hear from more people.