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  1. 97-01 1st Gen OEM Tweeter Installation

    Mobile Electronics
    Bought some OEM tweeters and in the process of installing them. I'm not much of a car guy so I've been following some instructions I found on a honda website (I can't post the link since I my post count is too low). If anyone has any pictures of what the tweeter harness in the door panel looks...
  2. 2017 Crv Touring Subwoofer and rear passenger Door Tweeter

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I install subwoofer and Tweeter on my 2015 and 2016 crv touring but the oem Subwoofer on the 2017 Touring is amazingly loud plus the tweeters at the back passenger doors are amazingly doing very well. I set fade louder half at the back and suwoofer all the way up and mirror is shaking. Amazing...
  3. 3rd Gen Tweeter Wiring for EX-L

    Mobile Electronics
    I am upgrading the sound system in the 2009 EX-L I purchased last November. I have a Pioneer head unit on the way, the harness/interface kit, and dash kit. I'm working on an order for the speakers and of course, want to use in-dash tweeters. I know how to remove the tweeter panels from the...
  4. 2016 CRV Tweeter Panels

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, Anyone know the part number for the trim panels that have the tweeters in them? I just bought a 2016 CRV SE and would like to install a new system. Thanks
  5. Will Civic Tweeter Pods fit CRV?

    Mobile Electronics
    Was just curious if any one knew if the mirror panel tweeter pods from a 96-01 Civic, would for a 2001 CRV? I know a large number of parts can be used on both, but wasn't sure if these would be the same. Thanks!
  6. Tweeter Upgrade.. Need Help

    Mobile Electronics
    I really wanted to get my 14 EXL Premium Sound to get better than it is right now. I feel like my basic '12 Civic LX sound is much better than this premium. After doing some searching on this website, i think the easiest and cheapest way to do is by replacing the tweeter... Question : is the...
  7. Honda OEM Tweeter question...

    Mobile Electronics
    Greetings, Newbie question... I've got a 1998 CRV EX. I'm the original owner. I've decided to spruce it up a bit. I've replaced the stock radio a couple of times over the years as well as the speakers (I have no recollection as to what's there now) but I never got around to installing...
  8. New CR-V owner (Gen1), question for tweeter kit?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello friends, just purchased a CR-V (2000) and I am planning to upgrade the stereo.. I've seen various members have the OEM tweeter kit, but I can't seem to find it online (even tried ebay)... any ideas where I might be able to get one? The part number is: 08A54-S10-100 Thanks!
  9. 2013 EX-L tweeter upgrade

    Mobile Electronics
    So, I have a subwoofer/amp installed and it has improved sound quite dramically. Now deciding on tweeters. Has anyone replaced just the tweeters and what are your results. I am hoping to find a plug and play upgraded tweeter. Is the cosmetics plastic piece just a simple ply off? Mine is a...
  10. Any ideas on where I can find the tweeter kit for a Gen 1?

    Mobile Electronics
    Just picked up a 99 CR-V yesterday and I love it! I always try to start with a decent stereo set up but I don't like cutting or drilling any where that is visible. Does anyone have any ideas on where I could find one the factory tweeter kit? I know Honda discontinued them but maybe a dealer out...
  11. WTB: Tweeter kit

    Trading Post
    I have a 2001 crv. I am looking for the tweeter kit. I can't find one anywhere. Thanks, Scott
  12. Hello, along with tweeter question

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey Guys, Nice forum here with lots of information. nice job! I have a 2003 Honda CR-V. Last year, the aftermarket stereo system was stolen. Along with the stereo, I had got crossovers and tweeters installed by the audio shop. The thieves left the tweeters in place. My question, I'm...
  13. Tweeter placement in 1st gen

    Mobile Electronics
    Iv'e got a base model cr-v that I'm putting component speakers in. I've seen you can replace the plastic panel that covers the wires and bolts for the mirros with one that that you can put a tweeter in. The only ones I have seen come with the tweeter and are a rip off in my opinion (like $75)...
  14. Tweeters for 2009 LX

    Mobile Electronics
    We just bought an '09 LX. I love this car, and didn't feel the need for the EX trim, but am realizing now that the LX sound leaves a lot to be desired. At very least I want to add tweeters, and possible a new head unit. Regarding tweeters - are the wires pre-run on the LX model such that I...
  15. Tweeter mount first gen

    Mobile Electronics
    Were can i get a set of mounts for the tweeters. I want to have them placed at ear level so that i can have an accurate sound image Thanx in advance
  16. tweeter installation problem...

    I have a 2004 CRV and just bought the Honda tweeter kit from H and A. I followed the directions, and had an easy time with the install - nothing to it...however, I get zero sound from the tweeters. What am I missing? The stereo works exactly as it did before adding them. I'm a forum member, but...
  17. Tweeter pod kit for 97 to 01 CRV

    H-and-A Accessories
    I just wanted to tell Trevor at HandA what a great product the tweeter pod kit is for the first gen CRVs, I have had it over a year now and they still sound great and look great next to the fiberglassed door panels. I always get asked where I got them because other people with CRVs want them and...
  18. Tweeter access

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey Everyone, I'm new to the forum. Just purchased a 2007 EX-L. I just love it. I am in the process of installing aftermarket speakers. I have had some luck with taking off the door panels but am at wits end trying to remove the tweeter grills in the upper dash. Has anyone replaced the...