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  1. 2016 CRV drivers seat uncomfortable

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All I have a 2016 honda CRV ex and Im finding the front seats to be killing my hip with pain after a short 1 hr trip Im dreading a longer trip can anyone suggest a more suitable front seat that I could replace them with . this is the 3rd CRV we have owned and first time with this problem ...
  2. Horribly Uncomfortable 2018 CRV-EX seats

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi, After dealing with unscrupulous Honda dealers, I still went with the Honda because it was the brand I had had. I am experiencing excruciating back pain, lower leg, arm, wrist and neck pain. The seat is awful. I can't adjust it. The headrest pushes you neck forward and besides being hard...
  3. Driver's seat uncomfortable in 2018 CRV

    Hello, I hope it's not a bad sign that I am already getting on CRV forums when I've only had my 2018 CRV for not quite two months! I discovered I could not tell how uncomfortable the front seats were during a short test drive! I had been used to the Odyssey (2004) with electronic controls on...
  4. Damn these seats are uncomfortable

    Problems & Issues
    the driver seat is too firm and the headrests jam your head forward. I'm consid:mad:ering bending the headrest support bars with hollow pipe.
  5. 2015 CRV EXL Leather seats - uncomfortable

    Dear Honda:
    I bought my CRV at the end of January and now have about 4500 miles on it. I can't believe how cheap/uncomfortable the leather seats are. I really thought I would get used to them but am not. I sat in a friend's older CRV (2012 maybe?) and it was a higher quality leather. My older Camry had a...
  6. Uncomfortable HODNA CRV 2014 SR

    Problems & Issues
    Uncomfortable HONDA CRV 2014 SR Hello everyone, Before a few months I bought a new 2014 HONDA CRV model SR AWD 2.0 i-VTEC Petrol Manual (UK build). It includes 18" alloy wheels and half alcantara, half leather upholstery with front heated seats. The front seats are mechanical with a lot of...
  7. Extremely uncomfortable seats - very frustrated and in pain

    Dear Honda:
    is there anything in the works to change the seats on the CRV for that on all the Honda cars? I called American Honda the other day. i'm trying everything i can think of right now to figure out the right combination of cushions but have yet to find a solution. I love the car otherwise - can...
  8. Solved my 2009 CR-V Uncomfortable Seat Problem

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I am a new poster of today. I've been trolling for a little while now because I am inheriting my wife's 2009 CR-V. I was looking for a solution to the problem of uncomfortable drivers seat. While driving I always feel that my gas pedal leg has no support. I always thought this was because...
  9. 2010 CR-V Driver Leather Seat Uncomfortable

    Problems & Issues
    The leather driver seat in my 2010 CR-V is very uncomfortable. A horizontal seam on the seat is digging into my bottom. Anyone else had this problem?
  10. 2008 LX: Uncomfortable Driver'sseat

    Problems & Issues
    I brought my 08 in October of 2008. When the drivers seat got broken in, the seat became painful to seat on. At the dealer, the seat was ok but the design of the seat is such that one seat on a crossmember. There is nothing the dealer could do. I called Honda customer service and complained...
  11. uncomfortable leather seats in 08 ex-L

    Problems & Issues
    I'm finding that even though I have a power seat with multiple adjustments on my 08 crv-ex L that the seats are not that comfortable, and seems to give me some back muscle issues. I don't usually have back issues and when I drive our Pontiac minivan it feels fine (cloth interior, much softer...