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  1. Underdash led - what wire for headlight control?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hello everyone. I just recently bought a 2012 honda cr-v. I'd like to install underdash lights so that the floorboard is slightly illuminated. My other vehicles have this as a stock feature. Was considering something like...
  2. Driver side, under-dash relay clicks with constant interval

    Problems & Issues
    Hey Gang. Turning to the forum for help on this one. 1997, first-gen model. Automatic Trans. Going on about 320,000kms. Power locks, windows, side mirrors. Dealer-installed keyless entry/alarm (not factory). No engine codes from OBD-II/engine light etc. All expected things are...
  3. Problem with Multiplex Control Unit in underdash fuse box

    Problems & Issues
    A few weeks ago my power door locks, and warning noises all stopped working on my CRV. My Brake light is also having a problem where it will no longer turn off. Do any of you know what would cause this problem, or have any of you had this problem yourself? My mechanic says that it is caused...