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  1. Rear Suspension seems unstable

    Problems & Issues
    First the rear Suspension doesn’t seem to have enough Travel it has a stiff ride. When going over a bump in the road or especially if the road surface is bumpy the rear of the vehicle will shift left or right, and is especially bad at speeds over 60. Is there an upgraded strut or springs I can...
  2. 2015 Touring - HD Radio unstable - Antenna or ?

    Problems & Issues
    Got my Touring about a week ago. Took nearly 6 months for my usual dealer to get one, but it's quite nice. Having had a 2012 before this one, it's kinda "old hat", but in a very good way. :) Anyway, when driving around the Seattle / Tacoma area, I can see many of my usual sports stations are...
  3. PROBLEM: 2013 CR-V unstable & wandering at highway speeds

    Problems & Issues
    First time I drove this CR-V on the highway at 55-70mph (mother's car). I was holding the steering wheel straight but it keeps wandering left and right (just a little). I had to really concentrate to keep it straight with my left arm feeling fatigue after the 40 minute drive. Had to use both...