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  1. Unusual noise heard near rear of 2018 CRV hours after use.

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    On a couple of occasions I have heard a humming noise near the rear differential of my 2018 CRV hours after use. Today I restarted the car then turned it off and the noise stopped. I am told by Honda Service that this is normal operation. There is some evaporation or emission pump that does...
  2. '98 CR-V Transmission shifts down a gear at unusual times-

    Problems & Issues
    My new-to-me '98 CR-V transmission shifts up beautifully, but if I slow down to around 20mph, then speed up again, even very gradually with almost no throttle pressure, the transmission shifts down a gear upon throttle application, then in a couple of seconds as the vehicle gains speed, it...
  3. Brakes failed in snow and unusual slipping in the road

    Problems & Issues
    I bought my 201l2 Honda CRV EX in October 2012. Today morning (12/01/2012) it was snowing and I took out the car on Road. I applied the brakes to slow down the car in the traffic signal, but my brakes didn't work. Fortunately, there was no car ahead of me and it was a green light. After sometime...
  4. 2001 unusual air conditioner problem

    Problems & Issues
    My 2001 CRV's air conditioner is experiencing a problem. By way of history, I had the blower replaced due to erratic fan speeds and had the cabin filter replaced at the same time. This was done six months ago and the air has worked perfectly since. In the last three weeks, the air unit will...
  5. Unusual Tire Wear '08

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Anyone else notice an unusual amount of tire wear? I have an '08 with around 26K miles on it and the fronts appear to needs new rubber already. This was with following the recommended rotation schedule as set out by the maintenance minder. I try to not drive like an idiot and take corners at...
  6. What is the most unusual places you waxed?

    I had just finished washing the CRV and was getting ready to start waxing when I looked out across the fields and saw my neighbor coming this way. :(Darn, darn darn. He’s the type who knows everything and nothing I do is correct. He always has a better way to do it and more or less keeps talking...
  7. A very unusual 1998 Honda CRV

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello members of the Honda CRV Forum, I bought a 1998 Honda CRV not too long ago (4 months) from a Co-worker. The thing that makes this 1998 CRV so unusual is that it only had 28k original miles on it when I bought it. It was driven by a little old lady who passed away, and it probably was...