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  1. Gen 5 to be introduced to Europe at upcoming Geneva auto show

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    About 18 months after its North American premiere, the new Honda CR-V is finally ready for its European debut. The SUV, previewed by a concept of the same name in September last year, will arrive in Geneva next week to show its new technologies, overhauled design, and new powertrains. Speaking...
  2. Attention - Upcoming Password Changes

    Website & Platform Help
    Hello Everyone, Per the latest announcements we will be resetting everyone’s passwords. Shortly you should be receiving an email directing you how to change your password. It will look like this: As you can see it will give you a randomly generated temporary password, as well as...
  3. Upcoming Changes to the AutoGuide App

    Website & Platform Help
    Hello, We’re here to announce some changes to the app. Firstly, we regret to say that Tapatalk is pulling its support of our branded apps, both the free and paid versions. As a result no further updates for them will be released and they will no longer be available...
  4. Upcoming Holiday News
    Hi folks! In anticipation of the holiday season, we are ramping up our products and deals! We’ve expanded our existing departments and also added all new product lines to make sure CARiD has everything you need for an automotive-lover’s holiday. Read on for details. I. Special Offer: Audio &...
  5. Upcoming Site Look Overhaul

    Website & Platform Help
    When is it scheduled to hit here? I have seen the implementation recently in other Vertical Scope owned websites. What I have seen so far, it isn't well received from the added sidebar, to the revised forum page layout, etc.
  6. Procedure for seeing upcoming maintenance codes

    Maintenance and Service
    I've searched and searched and know I read somewhere about a procedure you can do with the MM to see up coming maintenance codes. Anyone else better at finding it and can help out? Thanks