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  1. 2017 CRV front wheel drive. Limited slip causes no power going uphill?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Really surprised today when going up medium steep short climb that because there was wheel slip, the engine kept slowing down until the car stopped. Do you really have to disengage limited slip to drive up hills? I could floor the petal and still get no revs out of the engine. Is this right?
  2. Loss Power / Annoying sound for a Gas Engine just for uphill or overtaking uphill

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    Hi Experts.. Need some of your options and suggestion..* I have a Honda CR-V 2002 4x2 A/T* Problem: everytime I go uphill or loaded or not loaded the car seems to now sound the way it should be and I can feel that it has a loss of power overtaking uphill. And the sound is not like a sound of...
  3. burning smell when downshift/going up hill.

    Problems & Issues
    Hey guys driving home today I noticed a strong burning smell when the car downshifted going uphill. At first I thought it was another car but sure enough every time I started going uphill, the car would downshift to a lower gear and I'd get a strong burning smell. It almost smelled like...
  4. 2015 CRV humming/buzzing noise with acceleration uphill

    Problems & Issues
    Hello! This is my first post here so please excuse any brevity. I recently purchased a 2015 CRV EX that has about 500 miles and while on the way to work today, I had my radio off and noticed that there is a slight humming/buzzing noise that sounds like its coming from the right side of the...
  5. Less power while driving uphill

    Maintenance and Service
    I recently bought 2011 crv with 31000 miles on it. I used to drive 2002 4 cyl Camry before, compared Camry I feel crv has less power when driving uphill. Do you think we need to get it checked or quite common?
  6. crv heats up only when going uphill

    Problems & Issues
    Greetings CR-V Owners; I replaced the engine in my 2001 CR-V August 2011 with a used engine from Japan with around 40,000 miles on it. Since that time I have had overheating issues. Lately it runs fine on level ground, A/C or not, and I recently took it to Arizona on a 12 hour non-stop road...
  7. knocking in rear going uphill

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, So, starting a about 3 years ago I get a knocking noise that comes from the rear of the vehicle when I travel uphill at highway speed. It is a fast knock (it sounds like it's possibly once per tire rotation, roughly 10/second at 55 mph) and sounds metallic. Initially I thought it was...
  8. 1998 cr v will not move going uphill from stop

    Problems & Issues
    please help i have a 1998 cr v awd automatic transmission if im stopped on at a hill and i try to start to drive engine revs to about 3500rpm cr v doesnt move if i press harder it will go also i put a old rotor in front of the wheels and tried to drive over them cr v would not go over them...
  9. Loss of power going uphill

    Problems & Issues
    I bought my 98 5 speed CRV 6 months ago with 109,000 miles. About 2 months ago I changed the rear diff fluid, oil, plugs, plug wires, and air filter. Starting 2 days ago going uphill it seemed to lose power and make a hissing sound when I started to accelerate uphill. Now anytime I accelerate...
  10. Very heavy vibration when driving up-hill...

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, Just bought a 2002 CRV; test drive was fine with no apparent issues. Couple of days after buying the car, we discovered that the CRV vibrates alarmingly when the engine is under load, driving up steep hills. This vibration is not apparent at any other time. This is not just a slight...
  11. Gen 1 vs. Gen 2 on long uphill grades

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I have a 1999 crv and it tries real hard to maintain highway speeds up a long mountain pass. Have any of you had both generations of the CRV to compare the power of the 1.5 to the 2nd generation motor on uphill highway driving????
  12. Gen 1 vs. Gen 2 on long uphill grades

    Texas, Rocky Mountain, & Southwest Owners
    Hi, I have a 1999 crv and it tries real hard to maintain highway speeds up a long mountain pass. Have any of you had both generations of the CRV to compare the the power of the 2nd generation motor??
  13. constant shifting uphill automatic

    Problems & Issues
    Have a new 2008 CRV LX 4 wheel drive automatic. Even going down the interstate with the cruise control on any uphill angle even slight it shifts down once and sometimes twice. Sometimes it only goes 50 feet and shifts back to high. Is this normal? Only have 1100 miles on it. Love it other...
  14. 2005 CR-V uphill idle stop and rolling back question

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, This is my first post and I would like to say hi to all members. My wife just loves her CRV and doesn't regret the decision of buying. I have one question and it's in regards to when the car is on a slight uphill incline and when leaving the brakes the car rolls back ? I believe it's...