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  1. Urgent - Problem with transmission? Not sure if I will make it

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    So I am driving my cousin 2012 CRV automatic from Chicago to Sacramento. This is end of my second day driving, well maybe do another hour or so after some food. Since this is my cousin car I dont know much about the maintenance. I check all the fluids and tires before driving and they seems...
  2. Urgent help needed

    Problems & Issues
    Hi i have had my 07 plate crv for 3 years recently had a thrust bearing noise wen you rested your foot on the clutch pedal but would go wen cluth was pressed in selects gears fine well in the past week the noise has gone but the clutch jerks/snatches in first pulls away in second just fine no...
  3. URGENT - Towing UHaul 6X12 Trailer FIRST TIME For 700 Miles

    Racks, Hitches, & Towing
    Aug 2015 Honda CR-V EX / FWD / 3000 Miles / 60 % Fuel Life Available / No Serving Done Since Buy / Geico Basic Insurance I'm moving from Columbia SC to New Jersey (approx 700 miles) after few weeks and have reserved a 6x12 U-Haul cargo trailer to move my stuff. The weight limit of this trailer...
  4. Alarm & other issues after starter replace (2007 ex) ** urgent **

    Maintenance and Service
    My independent mechanic replaced the starter today in my 2007 EX. This is the 2nd replacement by him since the 1st one failed in a month. I noticed the following problems after picking up the car: Radio does not work. It does not ask for the code. The doors will not open once the engine is off...
  5. Urgent: Car wont start stuck at foodmaxx key wont turn

    Maintenance and Service
    sorry for the abrupt message but my car is stuck 2002 CRV 5at Key goes in no beeping sound, wheel is not locked. key wont turn, seems like its hard to get the key in there is some resistance as if the the key is damaged or the inside is damaged. key wont turn, cant start the car. what can I...
  6. 2003 CRV Rear Upper Control Arm (adjustable) -- torque specs -- URGENT

    Problems & Issues
    Thanks in advance for the help! Need to know the torque (will hand tight do ?) for these nuts. Help please...
  7. URGENT HELP PLEASE... CRV 2003 -- Rear Suspension -- stuck

    Problems & Issues
    Unable to remove the bolt attaching knuckle to trailing arm. Have tried heating the the bolt end with torch to red hot and hammering with sledge hammer. It's not budging. The bolt is bending now :-(. I have couple of photos attached. Questions: 1. Can I heat the area B too (part of the...
  8. HELP!!!! URGENT!!! need diagram for front right door wire connectors on 99 crv.

    Problems & Issues
    Hey id really appreciate the help! I have a buddy of mine who works on cars at the shop and he is trying to restore power to my locks and windows. We know it should work but we need a diagram cause were gunna try to eliminate the harness connector since the pins are filled up with gunk and...
  9. '97 Rattling noises in suspension and tire wear.

    Problems & Issues
    So I have two issues with my CRV. 1. There is various noises that i could hear from the front and back of the vehicle. The noises at the back are heard mainly when going over bumps or the vehicle going in holes. The noises heard from the front is when driving on roads with a lot of pot holes...
  10. URGENT - Should I buy a used 2008 Honda CRV with 96000 miles from a dealer?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hi, Should i buy a used 2008 Honda CRV EXL with 96000 miles from a dealer ? They are offering it to me for 12,600 USD. This is an urgent question as I need to buy a car in a couple of days. Also, what are the things to check before i buy it and what would be the costs that i should look for...
  11. 2009 CRV 2.2DTI Water leak ! URGENT !!

    Problems & Issues
    2009 CR-V 2.2 I-CDTI Water leak ! URGENT !! Hello to all CRV owners and i've gotta say i love my car so far, ive owned it for just about a year now, Its a 2009 shape CRV with only 17k on the clock, Nighthawk Black with optional chrome on the front and rear lights area, also on the wing mirror...
  12. 2006 CDTi CRV - Drive shaft issues, how urgent?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi there - new to forum I have a 2006 CRV as in the title, been noticing a "judder" on accelerating mainly around 3rd gear and only when speeding up eg. on slip road to join a motorway. The vehicle has just passed it's MOT no issues but they have diagnosed the problem as the drive shafts and...
  13. 07 4wd cr-v rear hub/bearing issues/questions urgent!!

    Problems & Issues
    Hello My first day on here, first post. Changed the rear hub/bearing yesterday on my wife's cr-v and I had some questions/concerns 1. I kept read about a speed sensor that I had to remove and that could possibly be corroded. The sensor was behind the hub and didn't need removing so what I...
  14. Urgent help needed!!!!!!!!!!!

    Problems & Issues
    hi so i need to know the location of an engine ecu on a honda cr-v 2010 plate 2.2 thanks matt
  15. Urgent help needed

    Problems & Issues
    Hi I have a 2008 crv diesel 2.2 exec which has been running fine until 3 months ago. For some reason it would not start below what the dash says is 3 deg out side temp. there are 3 lights on the bottom left of the dash that consist of oil.glow and battery lights. these do not light in the...
  16. Urgent : Idle speed control

    Problems & Issues
    Hello everybody, I'm a student car mechanics in Belgium. For my thesis i have to do tests on a Honda CR-V from the year 2000. Previously other students have added an autogas-system. Now the problem is that the idle speed is about 200 RPM and the engine often shuts off, on gasoline and on gas...
  17. Urgent Advice Needed

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all. Need some advice please. My 2004 Honda CRV 2.0 petrol has been burning way too much fuel in the last weeks. I filled up to the half the tank yesterday and was on full empty after doing 80 miles. There must be a serious problem here!!! Here are a list of parts I have ready to give to my...
  18. urgent!

    Problems & Issues
    I am replacing the cv shaft on the front drivers side and I can't get the side out that is attached to the transmission. How do I do this? the end connected to tire side is out. Thanks
  19. URGENT HELP NEEDED: Clutch problem

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Ok guys, As so of you remember, last November, I had to have my clutch replaced (205,000 miles on the clock). Well Yesterday, I got in the V and my clutch felt off. I parked and rode with my GF when we went out. Well, I moved the V today and the clutch is so tall, I know it is messed up, but I...
  20. radiatore cap, agin urgent!

    Performance Modifications
    the sticker on my radiator pressure cap fell off, is it trash now?