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valve cover

  1. Oil Leak!

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 (UK 2002-2007) CR-V
    Hello everyone! So... I have an oil leak up top somewhere. I am wondering if it is the valve cover, but I thought I would ask this community in case there was a common leak that occurred up there. 2002 CRV I will attach some pictures, but it is just on the drivers side, backside of the motor...
  2. Oil leaking after valve adjustment/valve cover gasket Gen1 :(

    Performance Modifications
    I had my valves adjusted Monday as well as valve cover gasket replaced. Mechanics didn't say anything about the engine leaking. By Tuesday I was smelling hot chemical during my evening drive, when idle at stoplights. Thought it might have been the fixative they used on the VCG or maybe a dribble...
  3. Valve Cover Stud broke! Part number for replacement?

    Performance Modifications
    I went to take of my valve cover today to adjust my valves and this bolt was apparently broken already but just barely holding on. I cannot seem to locate the part online. Can someone help me find this so I can replace it as soon as possible? Sadly, this stud goes all the way into the camshaft...