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    Even though your Honda CR-V is not an off-road rig, it may still be outfitted with a bumper protector to avoid bumps and scratches on a parking lot or in traffic. Vanguard Off-Road provides many useful products for late model Honda CR-V such as Bumper Guards and Running Boards, that are now...
  2. Accessories
    Does anyone have a set of Vanguard Running Boards? They look very similar to the factory running boards of an Acura MDX. They can be seen here: Please let me know...thank you.
  3. Accessories
    Decided to install a Vanguard Bullbar. Install was pretty easy. Basically do a little cutting on the underpanel and screw everything together. To get a better idea of what I mean, basically it is the same as this video of the Romik bullbar install
1-3 of 3 Results