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  1. 2017 with VCT issue!!

    Problems & Issues
    Hey all, Just bought a brand new CR-V this past September and within the first 3,000 miles there has been the infamous VCT actuator grinding noise. It seems more severe then others I have heard in the fact that it continues for a solid 5-7 seconds on first start up. Very very upset with...
  2. 2013/2014 CRV owners, where was your car built and do you have the VCT rattle?

    Dear Honda:
    Hey y'all, just a quick, informal poll. I posted this question in my thread on this issue, but figured it would get more activity if I just started a new thread about it. I'm trying to see if there's any correlation between where your CRV was built/produced and the VCT rattle/hammering problem...