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  1. Hello from now-beautiful Vermont!

    Greetings & Introductions
    New to the forum, but not new to CR-Vs. I have a beautiful new-to-me 2015 EX-L that I bought with high mileage (109K) in February '18. We also have a 2010 EX-L that I was coerced into trading my 2006 LX for (told it was rusted out and unsafe to drive). Not sure I believed that, but oh well. I do...
  2. Hello from Vermont!

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hello all, Just took home my 2016 CR-V yesterday. So far, so good. I'm loving it. Here's to many miles, Tom
  3. Latest Vermont Snow Pictures

    Image & Video Gallery
    Pictures taken 12/6/07.
  4. Vermont Snow Pictures

    Off The Beaten Path
    Just wanted to put in my two cents about CR-Vs in snow. Mine handled 12 to 14 inches without any problems. Yes, the V was pushing snow with the front bumper. The snow was powder and it did push out of the way fairly easily. I left continuous under carriage drag marks all the way. It pays to have...
  5. Vermont CR-V Owners

    Northeast Owners
    Any CR-V/Element owners in Vermont care to join in on some casual outings around the state? Have discovered (not hard) some really nice 4 to 8 hour, mixed pavement and dirt road tours around mostly the northern part of the state. Great places for picnics and nice views. Seems like day tripping...
  6. Vermont

    Northeast Owners
    Just picked up a used 98 on E-bay,wanted a solid economical 4X4 that would last. Brother has had one for a few years and loves it. I see alot of them around the central Vt area , surprised that no one from Vt is out here yet.