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  1. Wheels vibrates when steering wheels turns and lock left or right

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, my 2008 CRV 2.4L 4WD front wheels vibrates whenever I make a full lock left or right turn. Power steering fluid replaced. Visual inspections were ok. No leaks. Both Strut bellows(rubber boots) were torn but mechanic says it's a common problem and don't bother to replace. Normal operations on...
  2. Steering wheel and gas pedal vibrates when going over bumpy road?

    Problems & Issues
    The 2006 CRV seems to have vibrating gas pedal when going over bumps or rough road. It lasts awhile even afterward. But if I let off the gas and re-press the gas pedal the vibe goes away. Is this normal?
  3. 2005 CR-V Vibrates when acceleration

    Problems & Issues
    Good Afternoon all, We have a 2005 Honda CR-V that on its last MOT test in August 2016, it was noted that the rear differential mounts were heavily worn. Over the past few days we have noticed that there is a noticeable vibration through the car when accelerating. Initially I thought that it...
  4. Engine vibrates at 2000 RPM?

    Problems & Issues
    Hey guys, I just got my dad's old 2000 Honda CR-V SE. I've had a bit of work done (Valve cover gasket replaced, new spark plugs) and now I hear a pretty strong engine vibration at 2k rpm. The vehicle wasn't driven much before I got it so I cant tell if the noise started after the repair or not...
  5. 2015 CR-V vibrates at idle

    Problems & Issues
    Have been reading that this car has a bad vibration at idle after being driven for a little while. Owners have been told there is nothing dealers can do until Honda issues a fix. Anyone have this problem? I really want to purchase this car but this is holding me back.
  6. New '13 Vibrates at idle in gear

    Dear Honda:
    Dear Honda, It's 2014, the iphone 5 c & s are out, the iphone 6 is around the corner. 60" TV's are razor thin. Why does my $28,000 new EX-L CRV shake/vibrate like riding lawn mower when at a red light, drive through etc.? Engine running, in gear, at a stop, foot on brake...
  7. 2000 CRV vibrates between 20-30 mph but drives fine at all other speeds???

    Maintenance and Service
    Hey, guys! I have a 2000 Honda CRV and it recently started vibrating between the speeds of 20 and 30 mph. Before and after those speeds, it drives just fine! I rotated the tires myself to see if that would help and it's just as bad if not worse now. Any suggestions??? Thank you!
  8. 2006 vibrates sometimes

    Problems & Issues
    sometimes my CRV vibrates going down the road - as a example I was on a flat road, no construction going 30mph - for about 10-15 the car will vibrate - not the steering wheel - doesn't make any sounds you just feel a vibration
  9. 1997 CRV vibrates and makes a noise

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, My CRV drives smoothly at all speeds. So wheels are well balanced. However, when I lift my foot off the gas at speeds over 100 km/h, a strong, quick vibration can be felt. Its like something is stuck inside the wheels and is trying to turn over. A noise can be heard also. Seems like it is...
  10. my whole cr-v vibrates

    Problems & Issues
    I just got a 10k maitenace don on my 07 cr-v i had that reaf differential fluid change tires rotated. now when i drive at highway speeds my whole truck vibrates when i lift my foot off the gas it stops??? any ideas? thanks