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  1. 2009 CRV vibrating at highway speeds

    2007-2011 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 3)
    My 2009 CRV has new tires and all of them are balanced. On the highway at 65 to 75 the steerwheel vibrates a good bit. I can look at my legs and they are vibrating as well. I can feel it through the entire car. I cannot even begin to imagine what this would be. It feels like a wheel out of...
  2. Idler tensioner vibrating

    Problems & Issues
    Had the idle tensioner complete assembly replaced 8 months ago on my 2010 Honda CRV LX. I noted that there was a lot of rattle noise recently. Checked the engine and when in gear and under load with the ac and headlights on the idler assembly is visibly vibrating. I am guessing the bolts...
  3. New car (100k miles) vibrating more than Shaking Stevens

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, Just bought my second crv. Had a mk2 2.0 Petrol CR-V a few years back, had too many kids, sold it for a mk3 2.0 tdci ford galaxy (btw awesome MPV, but you didn’t hear it from me!) , kids trashed it so I gave that to the wife and bought myself an immaculate mk3 2.2 CDTI CR-V a few days...
  4. Still Vibrating after 3rd fix... am I the only one?

    2012-2016 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 4)
    Before you yell at me, I did a search but don't see any recent posts on this. I've had it in 3 times and since the last "fix" it's vibrating at when in Drive but stopped worse than ever! Is anyone else still having this issue? Has anyone actually gotten it fixed? if so do you know what they...
  5. my 2009 CRV vibrating at 70-80MPH

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Guys i am new to this forum, i am looking forward to your help, here is my scenario. 1. When i am running at 70-80 MPH when i step on the brakes, i feel my steering wheel vibrating. and as soon as i release my breaks the vibration goes away. i just want to make sure that these are the brake...
  6. Hello from another $32000 Vibrating Chair 2015 EX-L W/Navigation

    Greetings & Introductions
    Great day to be a CRV Owner..
  7. Vibrating wing mirror glass?

    Maintenance and Service
    My passenger side wing mirror glass vibrates when driving. What could cause this? How is it fixed? Thanks.
  8. Vibrating Clutch

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, Recently while I lift my foot up from the clutch if I do not give enough revs, it feels like the clutch is vibrating, shaking (not stall), until I accelerate to 20kmh or so. Also while taking off, I sometimes I hear a think toned sqeek. Does this mean that the clutch pad/plate it worn ? Or...
  9. Vibrating brakes 2012 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Have a 2012 CRV fwd with about 24,000 miles. When braking from about 40 mph there is slight but discernible vibration felt in brake pedal and steering wheel. Funny thing is that on higher speeds like 60 mph or lower speeds like 30 mph the vibration is there but less so. Seems to be most...
  10. Vibrating

    Problems & Issues
    Hi folk I'm new here,my problem is my CR-V is vibrating on accelerating and while sitting in 5th and 6th gear,when I take my foot off pedal and speed drops it seems to drop off at about 40-50 mph,but is terrible at 60-70 mph,any ideas folks,thanks in advance
  11. 2012 Honda CRV Vibrating Engine/Muffler noise

    Problems & Issues
    Anyone else have upon starting your CRV sometimes a loud vibrating almost helicopter like noise that actually hurts your eardrums from within the inside of your car. Usually when it happens it sounds like its the engine but the muffler is making a louder vibrating noise then when it doesnt but...
  12. Vibrating Steering Wheel

    Problems & Issues
    Just bought 2010 CR V EXL - when the car is stopped at a light - in drive - there is vibration - the steering wheel actually moves my hands. Anyone have an idea if this is a problem? Anyone else experiencing this??? I love this car - traded in a Lexus RX330 - and this one is so much more...
  13. 2010 CR-V creeky, vibrating rattle on dashboard

    Problems & Issues
    My new 2010 V has a creeky virbrating rattle at the center dashboad console. It seemes to be coming from the 2 decroative panels at each side of the stereo/vents. Took at back to the dealer and they said they couldnt duplicate it. I only hear it on rough pavement so they prolly only took it...
  14. Vibrating when brakes

    Problems & Issues
    Hi I have 2007 EXL with about 28500 miles on. I've just noticed a vibration when I apply the brake while driving on the highway. I'm still using the original brake pad. Could this be the rotor problem? and if so, would it still be under warranty? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Vibrating

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2001 honda crv with 185000 on the vehicle. I have a problem in the last couple of months where the crv will vibrate so bad that you would think you were ready to break down. This is happening occasionally and it only last for a few km and you ride out of it. New tires are balanced...
  16. Vibrating

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2001 honda crv with 185000 km on it. The vehicle will vibrate occacionally on the highway to the point where you think you are going to break down. Tires are new and balanced, front end was checked everything is tight, universal joint changed but still have the problem. This is...
  17. 2002 CRV water noise & vibrating noise

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, This is a weird problem. I have a 2002 CRV with manual trans. Every now and then, I hear a noise like water is moving around inside a container from the passenger side or somewhere from that area. It could be from the back as well. I first thought I may have left a bottle of water on the...
  18. Car is vibrating sometime... ??

    Problems & Issues
    Hi My girlfriend bought a 97 CR-V some months ago. When she bought it we took it to a workshop and they took the 200 000km service and changed the belt and waterpump. We allso changed 8 parts in the suspension front and rear. AND just fixed the ¤%/¤%# waterleak on the passenger side floor...