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  1. 2009 Possible alternator problem, voltage fluctuating, battery died.

    Problems & Issues
    Firstly, I do have a digital volt meter installed in my 2009 V dash. My battery totally died on me this past Sunday, after I had just parked it up the night before. For the last week or so before, I did notice that the voltage has been dropping down to 12.1 volts, intermittently, and then...
  2. Voltage Inquiry

    Problems & Issues
    Voltage Inquiry Hi Guys! Another question.. I have a new battery installed in my CRV 2002.. I have an aftermarket alarm and 2DIN HU / overhead monitor which is not working.. My problem is.. After using the car.. let's say every time I go in and start my car the voltage reading is around...
  3. Voltage Inquiry

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    Hi Guys! Another question.. I have a new battery installed in my CRV 2002.. I have an aftermarket alarm and 2DIN HU / overhead monitor which is not working.. My problem is.. After using the car.. let's say every time I go in and start my car the voltage reading is around 11.7-11.9 always...
  4. 2008 CR-V EX-L Rear Camera Voltage

    Mobile Electronics
    Sorry, me again. After reviewing the shop manual, it appears from the connector K diagram that the rear camera uses 7 V supplied by the head unit. My aftermarket radio does not have a 7 V output so I guess I will use a zener diode or maybe an LM7xxx regulator to drop the 12 V battery voltage...
  5. Honda CRV low alternator voltage (12.35V) at idle

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All, My Honda CRV 2014 battery has just died last week. When looking for how to replace a battery, I learn a few more things about alternator and battery voltage. I replaced my stock battery with Costco Kirkland Group 35 and i could start the engine fine. However, when I test the voltage...
  6. 97-01 Honda Cr-v voltage

    Mobile Electronics
    I've installed aftermarket system for my V, did the big 3, better battery, high output alternator 320A(stock alternator installed right now). When in park voltage is 14-14.5v, as soon as I drive off and maintaining a speed of 45 mph voltage is at 12.4-12.7v. Turn on a/c goes back up to...
  7. Charging Voltage too low - 2012 CRV-EXL

    Maintenance and Service
    My 2012 CRV-EXL has an alternator/diode issue (I think). If I let the car sit for a few hours, the resting battery voltage is 11.6-11.8 volts. Starting the car in the morning the voltage quickly goes to 14.0 - 14.3 volts. All good at this point, however. After driving for awhile and especially...
  8. 2005 Honda CR-V Error Codes 61-1, 83-1, and P0138

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello CR-V Community, Back with another issue. On my way to work this morning the check engine light came on. I pulled into an advanced auto parts to read the codes and received the following: 61-1: Battery Voltage Malfunction 83-1: ECM Malfunction (ABS disabled) P0138: O2 Sensor Bank 1...
  9. '07 CRV voltage surge

    Problems & Issues
    I am having an issue with a '07 CRV... The warning lights on the dash are flashing and the headlights / dome lights go dim and bright. I checked the output voltage and its surging to 18v+. The battery light flashes as well but not as often.
  10. Anybody know the idle voltage of a 2017 EX w/turbo?

    Problems & Issues
    Thanks, Steve Maine
  11. Battery voltage

    Problems & Issues
    2014 CRV ES-L (2nd owner) I am reading 11.8-12.0 Volts at the cigarette lighter. Engine off, Key in ACC. Normal, Low, very Low or WHAT, is this voltage? I do not have any knowledge of Battery History. Replacement needed? Dave O
  12. 2006 blowing headlight bulbs....and high voltage

    Problems & Issues
    hey i own a 2006 crv that keeps blowing headlight bulbs,,,i have checked voltage in the past and all was ok...but the last time i checked...i was actually reading 36 volts dc in one of the sockets...has anyone else experienced this...and have any ideas why thanks
  13. Low voltage during driving

    Maintenance and Service
    I am using a voltmeter (combined with interior thermometer) device inserted into lighter outlet of my 2015 CRV Touring. I noticed that sometimes the electric system voltage is measured as 12.3V even when engine starts and some time after. Then it jumps to 14.3V. I thought that if alternator and...
  14. CRV Engine Block Heater works on 240 volts in Europe?

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Hi All, I'm stumped. The Canadian bought 2010 CR-V EX 4WD is in Europe with Mom and she would like to know if the factory installed engine block heater will work with 240 volts? Can she plug it in with a Euro plug without having to convert voltage? I cannot find voltage specs in the 500+ page...
  15. Voltage of the car battery charger(tender)

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hi everyone, I hook up a car battery charger for my V before I took a long trip. The charger showed the battery is full after 3 to 4 hours. I took out the voltmeter and found the voltage of the battery is 20 volts. I was suprised that the output voltage of the charger is 20 volts as the...
  16. Electrical issue - voltage dipping

    Problems & Issues
    I have one of those voltage monitors plugged into the adaptor on my 2008 Honda CR-V so I can monitor the strength and life of the battery. The battery is new but I noticed that although the car starts and performs strongly, every now and again the voltage drops suddenly from about 14.2 to about...
  17. Altenator voltage regulator

    Problems & Issues
    My wife's 2012 just had the voltage regulator go out at 43k miles. It is odd but i know these things happen. Does anyone know of an alternative to buying the overly priced factory model? A good altenator should run around 100 this one is over 400. i'm at a loss and my wife loves this car.
  18. MAP sensor output voltage

    Maintenance and Service
    I have 2000 CR-V EX. I need to know the MAP voltage output with engine off, key on. Mine is 3.0v, should it be 5v? I'm having a stall problem while the engine transitions from cold to warm.
  19. No Voltage to Stereo

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey, my girlfriend's stereo stopped working before I met her. It didn't do anything except click. So the fuse was pulled, and as long as I knew the car, it had no stereo. Yesterday I installed a new stereo, and put in a fuse, and nothing. No power. I checked the backup fuse under the hood...