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vsa lights

  1. VSA and ! light on when vehicle started from cold (after 3/4 hours of last stop).

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, My CRV gets this VSA light and ! light on when i cold start my vehicle. After driving for 10 seconds and restarting my vehicle it goes away (upon restarting). I just got my batteries changed today. and the issue still persists. What should i assume. When lights not on, the vehicle runs and...
  2. 2005 CRV-EX: ABS and VSA lights intermittently come on

    Problems & Issues
    Lights have been on and off for over a year. Took it to a dealer for them to say it was the rear wheel sensor. Replaced it to the tune of $400+ and less then a week later the lights were on again! I read somewhere a loose gascap could cause issue so replaced that. But that is about the extent...