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  1. 3rd gen vtech solenoid replacement instructions

    Problems & Issues
    Hi folks Currently online I see the 2nd gen solenoid removal. The 3rd gen has a deflector on top. Does anyone have the instructions to remove the solenoid. The deflector and the wiring harness with the bolt torque is what I am trying to find. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. A mess- in limp mode, hard to start, immobiliser flashing - 02 Honda CRV ex 4AT

    Problems & Issues
    The title starts it. Here is the detail 2 weeks ago I was driving and I felt a couple of shutters and then the engine shut off. Thought I might be out of gas so walked the 2 miles to the gas station (104 *f outside) and put 1 gallon of gas in it. Started my car and it started right up. Then I...
  3. 1st Gen V-tech

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Has any one attemted to swap the stock B-20 Head for a B-16 head. I heard it can be done. But i have yet to see a v-tech CR-V. Lots of Civic owners buy B-20 engines to give there B-16 a boost.
  4. Vtech engine

    Maintenance and Service
    Does the 2008 CRV have a timing belt that needs replacement?