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  1. Everything You Wanted To Know About Your CR-V

    Gen 5: 2017-20xx (UK 2018-20xx) CR-V
    A great read if you are into the technology of the current generation CR-V:
  2. Transmission code P0740 and P1399 - advice wanted

    Problems & Issues
    Hi there, We've got a 2001 CRV with about 248,000 km (154100 miles). 2 years ago it was discovered that the transmission needed a full rebuild, and we took it to a local transmission shop. Recently the check engine light came on, and I took it to my regular shop (not the transmission...
  3. Suggestions wanted for audio upgrade

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, I would like some suggestions / advice on upgrading the radio / cd player in my 2012 CRV , my initial choice was a Sony XAV AX100 until I was quoted £850 to supply and fit ( apparently the CRV needs quite a few bits to integrate the player ) my budget is around the £500 mark many thanks
  4. Wanted to buy

    Trading Post
    Looking for a working clock and harness for 97-01 gen 1. Have an original Honda 6 CD under seat changer with mounting hardware including factory wiring harness that plugs directly to Honda radios. It is in my 97 CRV pictured, which in one owner/smoke free environment. Also looking for OEM REAR...
  5. Wanted! Hard Shelf in rear cargo.

    Dear Honda:
    My 2007 CRV EXL had a hard shelf in the cargo area. I miss it terribly in the 2012 model. Two layers for groceries, cases of water and gear. The sliding mesh not to popular.
  6. Adding Sirius/XM to a 2015 CRV..advice wanted.

    Mobile Electronics
    I would like to add Sirius/XM to my EX, does anyone have any previous experience with this? I would like to use the factory head unit, and steering wheel controls for...
  7. WANTED: G3 7 Spoke Rims

    Trading Post
    Hello, I'm looking for a set of 4 rims for my 2010 CRV EX-L. I really prefer the look of the 7 spoke rims over the stock 2010's and I'm hoping to find a nice set to buy or possibly trade for mine. Any leads would be appreciated. This is the rim I'm looking for...
  8. New Here - Shopping for a CR-V (Advice Wanted!)

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hey everyone, I'm from New Brunswick, Canada and looking to transition from my '02 Honda Civic to a used CR-V. My wife and I are looking at some models in the 2010 - 2012 range in order to get a used CR-V with some warranty left on it. If you were shopping for a used CR-V of this age (or any...
  9. Parking fine v.s. parking reminder? (advise wanted)

    Problems & Issues
    Guys, I got a ticket for overtime parking last week and this is not the first time! Sometimes simply because I forget to get back and remove my car in good time. My friend suggests parking reminder, e.g. can download an APP into mobilephone. I tried one, but I also have to remember to set...
  10. WANTED: trailing arm bushing tool

    Problems & Issues
    I need to replace both rear trailing arm bushings on my '99 LX Are there any members here from Honolulu, HI who own this tool and are willing to rent it out? Of course, I am prepared to pay a reasonable rental fee and to leave a refundable security deposit. I will be needing the tool for just...
  11. Help wanted w/ AC issue

    Problems & Issues
    I have recently become aware of the flawed design of the 2nd gen CRV air conditioning system as mine just failed. My local dealer quoted me $1400 to replace just the compressor, or $4500 (!) to replace the entire system if the "Black Death" sludge has contaminated it. I think this is...
  12. '01 CRV Tire cover

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum so feel free to call me out if this is posted in the wrong place. Anyway, does anyone know of a place that I could find a hard tire cover for my '01 in clover green metallic for cheap? The one that's on it now is a canvas one that's rotting away because the old...
  13. I wanted to buy the Crv Modulo, I can't choose what color to get?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    They are giving me three choices: Taffeta White Urban Titanium Crystal Black Please help me choose the best color and your opinion why you choosed it
  14. WANTED 17 Alloy wheel

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Hello I have a 08 CR-V EX-L I am looking for a wheel Part Number 42700 SWA A83 but as long as it fits I don't care if it is a little different I am looking to make it a full size spare please let me know if you have one for sale or trade for a GREAT ALPINE SUB SET UP 954 234 0217 I live in Fla...
  15. Wanted: Cargo Cover

    Looking for a Gen-1 cargo cover for my 2001 CR-V. These are very hard to come by. If anyone has one available, I'd be interested in purchasing. I did find a shelf-type and a non-retractable folding type on eBay. If anyone knows about these types, and if they're any good, I'd love to hear...
  16. CR-V owners wanted for focus group

    Greetings & Introductions
    Good Afternoon We are a small market research company based in Hertfordshire and have been recruited to carry out a focus group next Wednesday in London. We need CR-V owners from new that would be willing to attend a group in London next Wednesday evening. For those that haven't done a focus...
  17. Newbie Just wanted to say hello!!

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hello All..... Newbie here.........1998 Honda CRV AWD-EX. Bought it for a song in 2007 for $2000. It had 160Kmiles then. Have done the transmision once, changed the engine because I forgot about the timing belt and it's porpensity to fail after 60K miles. Replaced engine ex-japan 50-55k miles...
  18. Opinion Wanted on a Class III Hitch

    Racks, Hitches, & Towing
    I was thinking about buying the Reese Towpower 51205 Pro Series Class III Square Tube Receiver Hitch. I'd like to pull my 5'x8' trailer with my 2010 EX and was wondering if there were any pros or cons to any one specifically. The price is a little cheaper than the others and there is no drilling...

    Mobile Electronics
    hello i have a grea sound system installed in my V but the only problem is the Alternator is way way to small so i am here asking where can i find a Hight output Alternator that will just fit right in ? thanks for your help , I also have the 7 yr 100,000 Honda care warranty will this void the...
  20. Airbags wanted, CRV 2003 model, UK registered

    Trading Post
    I'm looking to buy driver and passenger airbag replacements for a Vtec sport, 2003 model. Its right hand drive. Dies anyone know where I can buy for a good price ?