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  1. 2009 CRV EXL A/C cutting out after engine warms up

    Problems & Issues
    The A/C in my fiance's '09 Honda CR-V EXL just started randomly cutting in and out. I'm not sure on the exact mileage, but if i had to guess, it's probably 140-150k (she has a ~90 mile round trip commute for work, so half of those miles are almost entirely highway). But getting back to the...
  2. idle is very rough until engine warms up

    Problems & Issues
    my 2000 CRV with 281k on it has developed a strange problem. after it has sat overnight it is hard to start in the mornings. once i get it fired up it idles very rough for about 10-15 mins. during this time you can press the accelerator but all it does is die. as soon as the temp gauge starts to...
  3. 2003 CRV some shifting problems after engine warms up

    Problems & Issues
    Help! I have been chasing a problem for the last few months but now the problem has become more regular and repeatable. I have a 2003 Honda CRV with 214k miles that has been having problems when shifting into third after the engine/transmission has warmed up. This has happened a few times in...
  4. air rush from vents as interior warms to set temperature?

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2012 CRV that has an odd quirk. If I set the temperature to 68 degrees and drive to work, the cabin will warm as expected. But a little further along, particularly if the sun is out, the fan will go to full speed and cause a large air rush into the cabin. After a minute or two it...
  5. 2001 dash and tail lights don't work until car warms up

    Problems & Issues
    Dash lights and tail lights do not work until car warms up. E-Brake lamp is lit at start, but turns off at warm up.