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  1. Appearance
    Is it safe to drive through car wash w/o removing the antenna?
  2. Image & Video Gallery
    I don't think you could buff this out: :D
  3. Image & Video Gallery
    i just cant wait till i can tell her to take out the trash she just turned 2 in april
  4. Appearance
    Kinda surprised after fruitlessly searchiing the forums here to find no mention of Dri Wash. Anywho ... Got waylaid by a guy selling this stuff out of his car trunk on Saturday as I wiped down my CR-V after a run through the local no-touch carwash. I was intrigued - to a point - but skeptical...
  5. Image & Video Gallery
    Hello folks, Finally got around to taking a picture of the car and uploading it. Here it is after a good washing and waxing. not much added yet, from the outside you can see the front splash guards and the chrome side steps.
21-25 of 29 Results