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  1. Please Advise Me About Car Washes For CRV

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hi there, I am not sure where to put this except this forum says to post here if you are uncertain where a post should go. MY new sweet CRV has become my new love and I am very curious whiich car wash is best for the exterior. There is one near me that is all spray and the spray is strong...
  2. Car washes

    Do most of you here wash your own vehicle or do you use a car wash? How does the paint hold up with repeated car washes? And , do you fold the mirrors when using a car wash? I usually hand wash my car but it doesn't clean the underside so I'm thinking of going to a car wash instead. Thanks.
  3. Anyone know of any do it yourself car washes in Queens

    Northeast CR-V Owners
    Hey I wanted to know if there are any do it yourself car washes in Queens NY I want to wax and detail a few things as well as look under the car and check everything out. Anyone know of a place in queens specifically near Forest Hills.
  4. How many use car washes?

    Wax on, Wax Off
    It is winter and way to cold to wash my ride by hand. I have gone through the automatic car wash twice to rinse the grime off. In your opinion, is this a safe practice? What do you look for at a car wash?