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  1. 2009 CRV waterpump change?

    Maintenance and Service
    Hey all, I have been searching and didnt really find a good enough answer so I wanted to post this. I do all the work on my friends 2009 CRV and she has 87k miles on it now. I have a Chilton manual for it and it says nothing about when to change a water pump on the 2.4 liter vtec engine. I...
  2. Overheating 97 CRV - Not radiator/ thermostat or waterpump

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I have looked through the other overheating problems on here and nothing fits the problem I have. I drive a 97 CRV, she started overheating in September and the thermostat was changed. Problem solved. She started to overheat again in February, new radiator cap solved the problem. It has now...