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  1. watts

    Mobile Electronics
    hello people; Are they the same as years ago? My V says it has a 350 watt system with a sub. My first home stereo had 15 watts and it got plenty loud for me from there I went into a maybe 50 watt system and that was nice. Now for for home I just have a Bose radio w/CD. But if you had a 100 watt...
  2. Max Gen 1 Alternator Output? (Many auxiliary lights!)

    Performance Modifications
    I have been doing a lot of modifications to my CR-V recently, mostly power-hungry upgrades like stereo equipment and lighting. So far I have already added an 800 watt subwoofer and a pair of 55 watt fog lights. This weekend I am installing a Westin Safari Light Bar with another pair of 55 watt...