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  1. Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Had a tiny fender-bender on my 2018. The Sensing plastic cover, under the main emblem on the grille had to be replaced. It seems like since it's been replaced, it's more susceptible to snow and water or other debris covering it and disabling the system. Is there any recommended spray or rub-on...
  2. Appearance
    I Just purchased a New 2019 CR-V color Molten Lava I am planning to keep it a long time I had expel (clear protectant installed on hood, mirrors, frontfenders, and inside the door handles.) The dealer is recommending that I wax the car now and then every 4 months if outside and 6 months if...
  3. Appearance
    This is a new Hybrid Ceramic Wax I tried a week ago, I think the stuff is fantastic on paint and Rims! .
  4. Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    As posted elsewhere, I'm a new CRV and Honda owner. Had one or two of their motorcycles, but never a car. I just purchased the CRV a week ago and was wondering when I can wax it? I know the best way to take car of a car is right when you get it. I usually keep my cars for 10 years. I...
  5. Appearance
    I just bought a 2017 Honda CR-V EXL. Should I wax it, or does it already have some protection on it? If I should wax it, what kind of wax job should I get? Thank you so much, Darrien
  6. Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    I usually pay to have my car detailed but I would like to detail and wax my V myself. What are the best products to use on dark metallic paint? I want it slick and no swirls- thoughts? Suggestions?
  7. Appearance
    I have been using liquid glass finish and polish works great easy to remove but does not seem to last as long. any recommendations?
  8. Appearance
    Getting ready to give our new CR-V her first wax. I've had some TW that I use for my guitars...oddly enough, it's Taylor's recommended product to use on all their acoustics. Anyway, just checking here to see if anyone has an opinion on whether TW is a good choice. thanks
  9. Appearance
    Anyone here uses Turtle Wax? Hard shell finish? feedbacks? positive or negative?
  10. Appearance
    Hey Everyone, I just purchased an 09 CR-V LX and I'm looking to clean and protect the dash. I've heard not to use Armor All so I found this stuff from Turtle Wax called F21 Protectant. Has anyone used this? The last thing I want to happen is have a $5.00 bottle of protectant ruin my nice dash.
  11. Appearance
    Just picked up a 1999 CRV EX a week ago. When looking at it i had to look beyond the previous owners 12 years of neglect. Looked like she basically just did the normal car washes, and thats it. So i decided last weekend to use our families 10'' orbital buffer on it. I used some Mcguires cut/wax...
  12. Appearance
    We purchased our glacier blue Honda CR-V in May 2009. I have only used one protectant on it--Ultima Paint Guard Plus. I love this product, principally because of its ease of us. In less than 15 minutes I can seal the paint, cladding, and trim. One single product does it all, and I don't even...
  13. Appearance
    Hello, Two weeks ago, I bought four 2008 aluminum steel wheel rims for 2007 CR-V. But, I made the mistake of spraying Turtle Wax Wheel Cleaner on my wheels and left it a little too long. I now have white streaks on all four wheels. Has anyone experienced this before? Any suggestions? Thank...
  14. Appearance
    I wash my car once a month, and wax every 2nd or 3rd month and claybar whenever I feel the need. I have a Karcher k2.91 that I use to blast the car with – works great, really saves effort it removing dirt and bugs etc, does wonders with brake dust too. The car is a sparkle gray 09 Honda CRV...
  15. Appearance
    Picked up a 2010 CR-V and the dealer said to wait about 30 days to wax it. Something about giving the paint time to settle. He said he called Honda and they recommended the 30 day time Ture or not? Thanks
  16. Appearance
    I had a few hours to spare on Tuesday, so I thought I would wash and wax my S2000, Luthien. She's been a bit neglected over the past two weeks. We have had lots of rain, which has both limited my detailing time and made washing and waxing even more urgent. But my time and energies have been...
  17. Appearance
    Hey guys I have a big trip coming up Saturday and I figure its about time for an oil change I am a few hundred miles short of 3k but it has been more than 3 months and I would rather be careful than a cheap guy with no engine, anyways I bring the car to this hand wash lube place by my house the...
  18. Appearance
    A month ago I followed the application instructions on the bottle of RejeX (from CorrosionX ( In the last month - with 3 snow storms and lots of ice and rain (Nov Dec 2007 in Dutchess County NY) I've managed to keep my CRV looking like new even when others...
  19. Image & Video Gallery
    Hello folks, Finally got around to taking a picture of the car and uploading it. Here it is after a good washing and waxing. not much added yet, from the outside you can see the front splash guards and the chrome side steps.