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  1. What is the most unusual places you waxed?

    Wax on, Wax Off
    I had just finished washing the CRV and was getting ready to start waxing when I looked out across the fields and saw my neighbor coming this way. :(Darn, darn darn. He’s the type who knows everything and nothing I do is correct. He always has a better way to do it and more or less keeps talking...
  2. just waxed my Veeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Image & Video Gallery
    pics of the Veeeeee after the Maguires NXT spray wax job, enjoy :D
  3. just waxed my Veeeeeeeeee

    Image & Video Gallery
    :D just waxed my car with Maguires NXT spray wax, very easy job with great results, seems like the Honda has a better paint than my previous Toyota product, living in the south we deal with love bugs, they raise havoc if left on the paint finish, well I have to say I have recieved no damage...