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  1. Navigation: Week Number Rollover concerns

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Has anyone got any information as to whether the Honda navigation system is susceptible o the WNRO problem coming up this Saturday? I can’t find any reference to it on the Honda websites.
  2. Tool Kits, Snowblowers, a Porsche Design Watch and Other Deals of The Week So Far

    Vendor Deals
    If there's a deal, we're going to find it! As Cyber Monday spilled into Cyber Week we've been seeing more and more sales promos. Here's what we've spotted. Sears has snowblowers on sale as much as 58% off Tool kits, smartphone mounts, and DEWALT power tools are all on sale via Amazon at...
  3. 2006 Leaking oil about a quart a week maybe, but can't find where

    Problems & Issues
    No apparent leak when looking underneath. Check engine light says it's the oil pressure switch, so I bought a new one for 13 bucks, but can't get the plastic connector off it to replace it, so I can't tell if that'll fix it. Any ideas? It has 196k miles on it. In good condition otherwise
  4. Hello Joined club today bought CRV a week ago 2006 EX - seek info

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi all. I look forward to being part of your community. I now own a 2006 EX Black. I am interested in information from club members about cargo area covers. What to know? What and where to get? Anyone selling a black one? Thanks
  5. Quick 2 week review of our new 2018 EX!

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Hey again, Just wanted to post a follow up to my initial forum greeting for our new 2018 CRV EX! I'm just over two weeks into ownership, and roughly 800 miles, and am still grinning ear to ear. I mentioned in a previous post I came from a 2016 CRV and previously, a 2006. I must say, this...
  6. 2018 CRV dies (dead battery) after a week of no driving - normal?

    Problems & Issues
    I travel a lot on business, at least a couple times a month, for anywhere from 2 to 8 days. I leave my car locked in an unheated garage behind my house. I live in the Chicago area. For my old car, a 2002 Honda CRV-EX, this was never an issue. Come home, get in the car, start it, go. For my new...
  7. 2018 First week of ownership thoughts

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Got my 2018 touring about a week ago. Just a few observations. Likes: - The ride is smooth and mostly quiet (except when really accelerating) - Love the interior (mostly, see below) - Adaptive cruise control and the brake hold button are awesome - Infotainment is pretty good. I like how it...
  8. Extended Warranty Question - Picking up 2018 CR-V Ex-L Next Week

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I am picking up a new 2018 CR-V Ex-L next week and have an extended warranty question (if this is the right forum). The dealer offered a 10 yr or 120K CNA warranty for $2,000, said this is a better deal than the Honda warranty. This is my first Honda, owned Toyota and Subarus before and never...
  9. Picking up new 2017 next week, trying to decide what to do with 1999 crv

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Picking up a 2017 obsidian blue next week! Never had a new car before so we're super excited. We're getting rid of our 1999 crv (also have a '97) but it's not in the greatest shape and I honestly don't know what, if anything, it's worth. It has 260,000 miles and a dent from an unfortunate...
  10. Owned CR-V Touring for a week, already rear ended!

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I was rear-ended while stopped at a light by a woman today who claimed she was not texting, but 'dropped' her phone while driving. Hmm, wonder why she was holding her phone in the first place while driving? Anyway, I expected the worst but all there is is the tiniest nicks of maybe 1cm wide...
  11. First road trip: One week old AWD/EX-L

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Picked up our Diamond white/Black leather last Saturday... 3 days before snowstorm hit northwest Jersey so only put on 150 miles before driving to our 2nd home in coastal SC on Friday. Total trip was 680 miles so CRV is officially broken in now... ha-ha 540 miles of our 680 is on I-95 where we...
  12. I did $1800 Worth of Damage to My 2 Week Old CRV EXL Without Leaving the Driveway

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    OK, ultimately it was my fault - I was the driver so, "that's that" as they say. Still, as a mechanical engineer and 32 year commercial pilot (lastly on the 777) I have to question Honda's logic of making a backup up camera std equipment while a warning beeper is optional. Anyway, I agonized...
  13. Only 2 days left for the Cyber Monday Week

    Only 2 days left for the Cyber Monday Week,Just Click here to gain the discount for the Carnival.Thank you
  14. Not even a week and dash is lit up with lots of warnings

    Problems & Issues
    Greetings all. Long time Honda devotee here. Helped a family friend with a new car purchase and she picked up a brand new 2015 CR-V EX on Friday (4 days ago). While driving it today, she got the following symbols all on her dash. Needless to say she is very upset that a brand new car with...
  15. 2015 Honda CR-V Touring AWD first week

    Shopping & Test Driving
    My wife's new job has 70 miles round trip daily, so we decide to get a slightly bigger car than the one we have right now - a SMART car! :cool: So we started to look at a big range of cars: Accura RDX, Mazda CX-5, Nissan Rogue...I did test drive of all and I like CX-5 the best, but my wife...
  16. Corrosion problem in one week old CRV from Classic Motors Trinidad

    Problems & Issues
    Hello folks, I recently purchased a brand new 2013 model CRV from Classic Motors, the sole Honda distributor in Trinidad on Christmas eve day for my wife. Sadly, from that day, it has all been downhill with this vehicle--the number plate partially fell off on my way home, loose battery terminal...
  17. Need to rent a racks for CRV 2004 for one week .

    Racks, Hitches, & Towing
    Hello I need to rent a Honda CR-V 2004 racks for roof. Need it for one week then return. I am leaving good money deposit - full price of racks . I can pick up the racks in following places through my route : New Jersey (north), New York City, New Jersey (central), New Jersey (south)...
  18. Need assistance on this matter ASAP - hitting the road next week!!

    Racks, Hitches, & Towing
    If you read my bio or have read my intro ... you'll better understand my urgency. But to save you time and make sure you stay awake (LOL!), I'll get right to the point here!! I am a new owner of a 2010 CRV 4x4 EL (something like that) that already has a small hitch installed. After browsing...
  19. Bought a new car last week

    Other Cars, Trucks & Bikes
    We still have the CR-V. I traded my Mazda Miata in on a Scion FR-S. Those of you that are aware of it know what I'm talking about. Those of you not aware of it can research it and find an interesting new car on the market with it's sister the Subaru BRZ. I got the firestorm (red) with a 6...
  20. National Tire Safety week, Brad Keselowski's tips on checking your tire pressure

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    It's National Tire Safety week and with summer upon us now its a great time to get out and do a quick air pressure check and tread depth check before hitting the road for your summer vacation. Here's a few tips from our Nascar Driver Brad Keselowski and The Weather Channel. Tire Safety Week...