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  1. 2nd Windshield Replacement--6k miles

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I'm starting to wonder about these windshields. My 2018 CRV is 6-months old with 6k miles. I'm about to get my second windshield replacement. Both times, flying rocks on the interstate from passing vehicles. First time, crack was 7-8 inches long, windshield replaced with Honda OEM Glass...
  2. Windsheild washer motor/tank questions

    Performance Modifications
    Hey all, first post here. I am trying to help my cousin. He has the infamous cracked motor (someone bumped him while he was parked) His truck never been to the dealer, so goodwill is not an option at this point. I have the TSB (Found on this website) and am trying to fix it however I have some...
  3. 2010 crv windsheild wipers

    Maintenance and Service
    the wipers that honda put on are shot, bout a set on michellin regular blades and they will not contor to the windsheild, and michellin flex flat type blades flex but will not clear and keep freezing up and hold ice.. what wipers do you find that work well??
  4. Invisible glass cleaner for the windsheild

    Hello, Do you know if Invisible Glass cleaner really works? Is it safe to use for cleaning the windshield? Thanks, HV1009 2007 CRV
  5. Does 04 North American V have athermic windsheild?

    Hey I wasn't to sure if I have an athermic windsheild on my V and that is why I am getting poor detection on my radar detector I cant seem to find a list of US cars with Athermic windsheild.