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  1. Windy driving correction for 2012-2013 FWD

    Problems & Issues
    I went to the forum a couple of months after I bought my 2013 FWD and asked about fix for unsteady steering when it is windy. There was a response that showed a Honda service bulletin to add a couple of bolts to the front suspension and adjustments to the alignment. I can't find the posting ...
  2. Power Boosting for 2013 CV-R/Handling in windy driving

    Problems & Issues
    I knew when I bought the Honda CVR with a 4 cylinder engine it would not keep up with my v-6 or v-8 cars but would like to boost the power a bit so I can get on the interstate safely. I have added a K&N filter but was looking for any suggestions for add-ons to boost power easily, i.e. cat-back...
  3. Chicago Preview: Honda Odyssey Concept to Debut in Windy City

    Media News & Reviews
    With Toyota having just released its new Sienna minivan, Honda is following close behind with a concept version of the next Odyssey minivan set to debut at the Chicago Auto Show next month. While Honda is keeping tight-lipped about the new model, it has said that the fourth-generation Odyssey...