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  1. Reverse camera/bulb wires - 2008 UK CRV

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, I'm in the middle of installing a reverse camera to my Android head unit on my 2008 CRV (UK). All wires are routed, I just need to tap in to the correct wires at the reverse bulb. Problem I'm having is there are 3 wires going to the reverse bulb (2 black and 1 green). I need to find which...
  2. Extra Wire Harness on 2000s CR-Vs

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello, I own a 2006 CR-V and am replacing the radio. I understand the utility of the main wire harness, and am comfortable (hopefully) working with that. But I remain a novice. I do not know what the small white connector on the image below is for. What does it control? What term should...
  3. Door lock wires 1999 CRV

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    What is the color of the door lock wire that comes from the driver side and activates the other door locks? I found the one for the driver side lock and fixed the broken wire, but apparently I have another one that is broken for the other door locks.
  4. 2000 OEM Plugs and Wires

    Maintenance and Service
    Can anybody help me with what the OEM plugs(and gap just to make sure) and wires are? I've had the car about 5 years now, and I'm trying to do some maintanence work on it this year to prolong the life a bit longer since I really don't have the money to get another vehicle anytime soon. Thank you...
  5. Rodent chewed wires,etc please advise!

    Problems & Issues
    Rodent has chewed harness wires etc please has anyone had do deal with this? It just happened and is pricey dealer advised contacting insurance company. Has anyone had to fight insurance over?any advise? Car is not even 2 years new yet. Anyone have tips for preventing further rodent damage,I...
  6. 2014 CRV: Accessing HFL module/bluetooth wires for aftermarket stereo

    Mobile Electronics
    I purchased an aftermarket car stereo. The steering wheel has bluetooth buttons. In order to connect the bluetooth buttons to the stereo, the instructions are to cut and wire into the cable connecting to the Handsfreelink module. The HFL module is located behind the automatic gear shift. With...
  7. Horn + Cruise Wires Cut - Ghetto Install

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    Bought a used CR-V. The cruise and horn do not work due to the previous owner having an alarm/auto-start installed by a ghetto shop. When I pulled the steering wheel to replace what I assumed was a bad clock spring, but then I saw these 5 cut wires. The airbag/horn module looks fine, but there...
  8. Running wires through the dash of a 2005

    Mobile Electronics
    Im trying to hook up a few switches in my dash up near the radio...where in the world do I run the wires? Trying to go down the fusebox way. Its nothing but duct work and I can't find anywhere to run them aside from down by the gear shift lever, which I'd rather avoid for obvious reasons...
  9. 1999 CRV Driver's Door Connetor Wires Broken

    Problems & Issues
    Gentlemen: She's a 1999 Honda CRV with 400 000 km. A few things have stopped working in the door (window, mirror, lock), and I have found several broken wires at the door jam connector. No doubt due to repeated wire flexing with door movement. My factory shop manual for this CRV tells me...
  10. 2000 CRV mileage (PCV, wires, ?)

    Problems & Issues
    Yes, I know there maybe other posts, but I can't find them. but yes, wanting to get more mileage out of my 2000 CRV. (161K miles) Right now, many short city driving, not a ton of freeway. but only am getting on average 16mpg. best was 22mpg, that was on a trip. I have only had it for 2...
  11. 2015 CR-V EX-L/Navi : Where best to tap wires?

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I'm thinking of adding some additional daytime running lights (mostly because my "auto" low beams don't come in as early as I think they should). I need access to "accessory" and "low beam" (so they dim when your low beams come on). I was thinking of using some of those "add a fuse" fuse...
  12. 2013 rear view camera hanging by wires

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Backing out of the garage today I noticed the 2013 LX CR V rear view camera is loose and hanging by the wiring plug. No idea how this happened but my question is how do you remove the black plastic lift gate trim that covers the camera and the licence plate lights? Seems the only way to access...
  13. door jam connector wires falling out

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    2001 CRV. Some of the wires to the driver door connector are broken, so I am splicing in a new (used from junk yard) connector. A few of the wires on the connector have fallen out. I can't get the metal connector out in order to reconnect the wires. I have seen much on the internet about...
  14. I hate rats!! Chewed up my wires.

    Maintenance and Service
    I got the dreaded check engine light on and it came out as P0843 (Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch A Circuit High). So I went out to buy a new switch to replace it and install myself. Well, it turned out the rats made a nest in that area and chewed the wires off the connector to the...
  15. 1998 CR-V Power Locks Stopped Working - Wires Look Good

    Problems & Issues
    So, a few weeks ago, I found that my remote wasn't locking/unlocking the doors anymore. It stayed that way for a day, and then they came back after closing the door. Then they stopped again. The lock switch on the door does nothing, and the remote also does nothing. The power latch on the back...
  16. crv towbar wires

    Racks, Hitches, & Towing
    Hi could some one please tell me what colour wires are for what at the back I need to wire my crv towbar 2001 reg cheers .
  17. Best way to run wires in a 2012 CR-V?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I'm getting ready to install an aftermarket parking assist system in my 2012 CR-V. Although the front and back systems operate independent of one another, they work best when connected. I'm trying to determine the best way to run the wires that connect both units. For anyone familiar with a 2012...
  18. Steering wheel audio remote wires color

    Mobile Electronics
    Steering wheel audio remote wires color Gen 2.5 Hi All This is my first post and I'm trying to fit a new audio unit to my gen 2.5 2005 CRV diesel. The radio is a chinese model so the instructions aren't the best. The unit works fine but the steering wheel audio remote doesn't work. Does...
  19. need help identifying some wires......

    Problems & Issues
    I am trying to install a "fortin Honda SL-3 bypass" in combination with a "fortress pro-start" remote starting system into a 2001 CRV LX 4WD 5speed manual I cannot seem to locate the "5 pin ignition harness" containing the "data (red pin #2)", the "synchro (blue pin #3)". I have looked online...