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  1. Just wondering if uploading pictures is gone for good.

    Website & Platform Help
    As the title says I am just wondering if it is a temporary situation or someone decide to axe the locally stored photo capability. If it's gone for good I need to find a free photo hosting site that will hopefully last a few years. Rob
  2. Just bought a new (to me) 2006 Honda CR-V EX. Wondering if Mechanic is ripping me off

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all. I just purchased a 2006 Honda CR-V EX with 78,000 on the clock last week. Totally love the car. However, I have had a rocky start. The dealer told me that it was a car in great condition, and the carfax looked great. I checked all the panels, VIN numbers were all there, engine bay...
  3. First time CRV Owner - wondering what other's paid?

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi, just bought a 2014 cr-v ex-l awd with navigation. worried I paid too much. anyone willing to share what they paid before optional accessories and destination and handling? MSRP on mine for the base was $30,445 and we got the dealer to shave almost $1000. Could I have done better? Thanks, and...
  4. wondering about oil level

    Maintenance and Service
    When I bought my 2011 CRV SE, I read in the owners manual that the oil level on the dip-stick should be between the two holes. Mine was above the top mark just to where the twist starts in the rod. I started to wonder if there was to much oil in the engine, so I had the oil changed today. The...