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wont start

  1. Recent '06 EX purchase - questions.

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 (UK 2002-2007) CR-V
    Hello there, recent convert here. Got a heck of a deal on an '06 EX that I'm working out some bugs on. Biggest thing I noticed so far is that sometimes when I get into the car, insert the key, and rotate to start - absolutely nothing happens. No dash lights, no noise, and I didn't specifically...
  2. Well maintained 97 wont start, with odd symptoms

    Problems & Issues
    Joined community months ago after owning my 97 CRV for a short while, this is my first post and in my opinion spent an appropriate amount of time searching other threads before posting. The vehicle started up fine and drove ten feet to where, 2 hours later it would not start and now sits...
  3. PLEASE HELP , Doors wont unlock & car wont start!

    Problems & Issues
    SO I have had my Handa for a month and 2 week. It is a '03 handa CRV But im not sure what model it is.... Anywho yesterday my door wouldn't unlock. I can unlock the door manually on the driver side and the passagener side. The back doors will not unlock at all. My father replaced something in...
  4. Turns over, but wont start!!

    Problems & Issues
    06 CRV, 210,000KMS, auto trans. regularly serviced. Never had an issue until now, but my wife's CRV will not start! Here is what I have checked so far... Battery is strong, no issue there. It turns over, but will not start. There is fuel in the tank! I followed the "starting procedure"...